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Piran circular hiking trails

Piran circular hiking trails

Piran circular trails are routes along the sea and through the beautiful hinterland on which you will get to explore the most beautiful parts of Portorož, Piran, Seča, and Strunjan. All three trails by the sea are circular and you can combine them into one path. You can decide to walk along one individual trail, combine two trails, or even combine all three into one 28-kilometre-long trail. Picturesque and well-maintained trails allow hikers to explore Portorož, Piran, Seča with its Sečovlje salt pans, and Strunjan, as well as Strunjan Nature Park where you can admire the Strunjan salt pans, the hinterland with its vineyards and olive groves and, in autumn, go and see the orange-coloured plantations of Istrian golden apples - persimmons. The paths are well-maintained, safe, regularly serviced and, above all, perfectly marked. The trails are also suitable for families with children and for recreationists. Along the way, you will find nine large system signs, with other smaller directional signs along the way. And for even better orientation, you will also find many floor markings along the way. The starting point of all three routes is in Portorož, with the directions then splitting off to Piran, Strunjan, or Seča.  The individual circular trails are seven to twelve kilometres long. You can walk each of the trails in two to three hours. The trail map is also available at tourist information centres in Portorož, Piran, and Padna. Depending on your level of fitness, there are trails of different lengths and degrees of challenge available:
                                                                                 Photo: ©Ubald Trnkoczy

  • • Strunjan trail - 3.5 km,
  • • Piran trail - 3 km,
  • • Circular trail around Portorož - 5 km,
  • • Lucija trail - 4 km,
  • • Coastal trail - 13 km,
  • • Seška trail - 4 km,
  • • Footpath of three countries - 5 km,
  • • Path through the olive groves - 4 km,
  • • connecting path Between the Bays, which connects Fiesa and Portorož - 2 km and
  • • path Through the Tunnel of the Former Narrow-Gauge Railway of Trieste-Poreč – 3.5 km.

Location: Piran


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