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If we combine sea air, sun, and beneficial sea salt and mud with healing Istrian herbs, we get the perfect combination for relaxation, regeneration, and an inward retreat. Welcome to Wellness Benedicta and the Paradise Spa, oases of well-being at the St. Bernardin resort in Portorož!

Two top wellness centres just a step away from the sea

Paradise Spa - a heavenly wellness experience

The Paradise Spa at Grand Hotel Bernardin in Portorož offers everything you need for heavenly relaxation. In addition to various massages and beauty treatments, you can also enjoy rejuvenating treatments with bee venom, enter the world of saunas, which includes a special rasul sauna, or lose yourself in the views of the open sea from the panoramic pool.

Wellness Benedicta - a wellness oasis for a feeling of inner completeness

Wellness Benedicta at Hotel Histrion in Protorož offers traditional treatments enriched by local ingredients such as sea salt, mud from the Adriatic salt pans, olive oil, lavender, and other Istrian herbs. While relaxing in the world of saunas, which includes Finnish, infrared, and bio-herbal saunas, as well as a salt room and a unique hammam, you'll be accompanied by stunning views of the endless blue of the sea.

Our wellness facilities

Paradise Spa
Wellness Benedicta
Benedicta hotel saunas
Bernardin hotel saunas
Sea Waterpark Termaris
Bernardin hotel pool

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