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Anti-aging facial treatments rejuvenate the skin or at least help keep its youthful appearance. Anti-ageing facials constantly evolve, as the cosmetic houses develop new strategies to fight the signs of ageing.

A skin that needs an anti-ageing facial also needs proper care

We need to take care of our skin regularly on a daily basis. An incorrect cleansing can damage it, as it can ruin the epidermis' protective layer and thus prevent its correct functioning or even damage the skin. The skin’s permeability can be regulated with various creams and foundation products, which provide additional protection and prevent substances from exiting the skin.

3 rules for efficient skin cleansing that are worth remembering:

  • the skin should be cleaned regularly (in the morning and evening),
  • the cleansing should be thorough,
  • the cleansing must not be aggressive but adapted to the skin type.

The cleansing prepares the skin for the absorption of further products. The facial treatment must also be adapted to the time of the year and the health condition of the person. Possible hormone levels issues, pregnancy, allergies, depression,… can affect the skin, causing it to “accept” the facial treatment in a different way. After each cleansing, the skin has to be hydrated. Hydration is of utter importance for healthy skin and its correct functioning. Molecules of hyaluronic acid, which are responsible for hydration, are capable of binding thousand times more water. The more hyaluronic acid the skin has, the healthier, fresher and youthful it looks.

All facial treatments are the most effective only after the skin has been properly cleansed and hydrated.

These are our guests’ favorite 3 anti-aging facial treatments:

1. Anti-aging facial treatment: rejuvenating facial with caviar

The cellular structure of caviar is very similar to the structure of a human skin cell, thus it slows down the aging process by producing quality collagen. Caviar is rich in amino acids, which are directly absorbed in the skin, and thus it ensures its rejuvenation (the skin looks younger and less tired). Thanks to its marine origin, it is also rich in omega 3 acids, which make the skin radiant.

The treatment begins with superficial skin cleansing. It is followed by an anti-aging massage of the face, neck and décolleté and a peeling. After the peeling the Escutox™ mixture of phytoextracts is applied to the skin. Afterward, a mask combining pure caviar extract, pearl extract, and Escutox™ is applied. At the end caviar toner is applied as well as a cream for the eye contour and nourishing cream for the face. The luxurious treatment intensively rejuvenates mature skin and reduces wrinkles.  After other facial treatments, we also recommend using caviar products for home care. The caviar line includes various products, among which caviar toner, caviar facial cream, etc. In order to maintain the effects of the facial treatment, home care is of great importance.

2. Anti-aging facial treatment: rejuvenation with Sothys products

The French cosmetics company Sothys has a wide range of products and treatments, among which also the βP3 Tri-complex ™ brand, a new and revolutionary trio of ingredients. It was created in Sothys’ avant-garde research facilities and it combines active ingredients of two botanical species, saffron, and sophora, with double action peptides, which fight against oxidative stress and simultaneously activate the regeneration of cells in our skin.

The anti-aging treatment starts with the application of a lotion that contains phytic and glycolic acid, which prepares the skin for the rice powder peeling. Afterward, two serums are applied: one for the upper part of the face and one for the lower part. The application is done using Sothys’ 32 Digi-Esthétique® movements, which include acupressure and massage methods that remove and reduce wrinkles. After the cleansing and the application of an additional massage cream with Digi movements, a mask is applied. After that the face is washed, toned and an eye contour cream and serum are applied.

For home care there’s a rich line with various creams: each of the five creams has a unique mixture of ingredients, there are different textures available and the creams are suitable for different skin types. There also youth serums, which enhance the effect of the creams and are important for maintaining youthful looking skin. We also recommend the use of other products such as cleansers, eye contour creams or night cream.

3. Anti-aging facial treatment: rejuvenation with Afrodita

The Slovenian cosmetics company Kozmetika Afrodita offers rejuvenation with gold. The anti-aging treatment with real 24-carat gold rejuvenates by smoothing finer wrinkles and firming the skin. Gold crushed to minuscule parts is proven to have a rejuvenating effect and to improve the skin’s tone. When the gold is applied to the skin it activates the electrons in cells, thus stimulating cell regeneration and growth.

The treatment begins with cleansing and preparing the skin for further care.  After toning the skin, one Gold 24ka ampoule is applied with fingers, using manual drainage, and then the anti-aging fluid. This is followed by the application of gold foil strips, which are massaged gently into the skin using fingertips. Afterward the Gold 24ka mask is applied, which contains particles of pure gold, and on it the warm and luxurious Gold 24ka wrap, which is made out of bee wax. As the wrap rests on the face, the Gold 24ka mask is applied also to the hands. When we remove the wax, the remaining mask is massaged into the skin for extra hydration. After the treatment the skin is radiant, rejuvenated and nourished. For home care and to ensure a prolonged effect of the facial we recommend using the day or night cream. The line also offers ampoules and an eye contour cream. Furthermore, there are other anti-aging lines in Kozmetika Afrodita’s offer: collagen or 3 peptides. Find your favorite one!

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