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Slovenian Coast

Sights and attractions

Cultural and natural attractions of the coast

Regardless of whether you prefer to explore your surroundings on foot, by bike, or even by car, the Slovenian coast is full of hidden gems that will fill your heart and soul with joy. Take a walk around the famous Parenzana trail, visit the Salt Production Museum and the Piran Aquarium, walk through the Cactus Garden, explore the most beautiful corners of Piran, and witness the ancient process of producing salt in the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park. Surrender to the beauty of the Slovenian coast!

Sečovlje salt pans Nature Park
Parenzana - the path of health and friendship
St. Bernardin Church
Seča - Cactus Garden
Piran Aquarium
Footpath from Portorož to Piran
Piran circular hiking trails
Tartini Square (Piran)
City walls (Piran)
Sečovlje salt production museum
Forma Viva
Fonda Fish Farm
Dragonja river valley
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