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Dragonja river valley

Dragonja river valley

The Dragonja river valley is a picturesque natural area located on the border between Slovenia and Croatia. The valley boasts enchanting views of green hills, olive groves, vineyards, and idyllic villages - as well as a diverse array of other plants and animals that have made this unique natural habitat their home. It is a great destination for all lovers of nature, hiking, and cycling. 
As many as 40 mills used to operate in the valley of the Dragonja river, but today you can only see the restored Kodarin  (below Koštabona) and Mazurin  (below Trsek) mills, as well as the remains of some other mills. The tallest waterfall in Slovenian Istria is also worth a visit, namely the waterfall at Trebeše. 
Photo: © Jaka Jeraša

Location: Dragonja


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