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Izola’s secret

Izola’s secret

There is a somewhat forgotten secret buried deep beneath Izola, waiting to be discovered. A secret companion, an Izola guide and invisible friend, will take you on a digital journey with the help of a special app that can be found at First, you will have to make your way through various challenges, then you’ll test your negotiation skills and how photogenic you are. Through each challenge you will discover a piece of Izola's secret and the stories told by the city centre.

Location: Izola


Other sights and attractions

Izola lighthouse
Marine museum in Izola
Seashell Cemetery (Ankaran)
Socerb Castle
Mount Slavnik
Day trip to Padna
Marezige wine fountain
Ankaran Mediterranean Salt Park
Pietro Coppo Park, Izola
Istrian “ear” cliffs - Spodmoli Veli Badin
Veli Vir waterfall
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