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Mount Slavnik

Mount Slavnik

The 1,028-meter-high Slavnik is the highest peak in Slovenian Istria and is a popular hiking destination. Slavnik offers one of the most beautiful views in the region as, in good weather, you can admire the Adriatic Sea, the Italian Dolomite mountains, part of the Carnian and Julian Alps (among which, of course, Triglav stands out), the Karawanks, and Kamnik-Savinjska Alps from the top. The Nanos plateau can also be seen nearby, as well as Vremščica, Snežnik, and other hills.
You can choose one of the marked routes to the top, with refreshments available just below the top at the Tumova koča cottage, which is open on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays (outside these times, it’s also open for groups by prior arrangement).
Photo: © Jaka Ivančič,

Location: Kozina


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