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Izola lighthouse

Izola lighthouse

The Izola lighthouse is a picturesque maritime lighthouse located on the seafront of the town of Izola. The lighthouse also lends its name to the most iconic beach in Izola, offering an incredible view encapsulating Strunjan's Moon Bay, Trieste, the Debeli Rtič peninsula, and Koper. Safe access to the sea, the shade of pine trees, lively grass, and gentle sea breezes offer an unforgettable bathing experience on this beautiful beach. Bathers who like to soak in the sea in the evening can do so in the presence of a picturesque sunset. On windy days, the beach turns into a jumping-off point for wind and kite surfers, and with strong coastal Burja wind a wonderful view of the Julian Alps opens up as well.
In addition, the Izola lighthouse is a popular location for romantic walks with ice cream in hand, taking photos and creating unforgettable memories through all seasons. 

Photo: © Luka Kaše,

Location: Izola


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