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Prlekija cuisine that will make your heart skip a beat

At Health Resort Zdravilišče Radenci, we offer authentic cuisine that will make your heart skip a beat. Indulge in the flavours of local Prlekija dishes, which are mostly prepared from wheat, rye, and buckwheat flour, with pork fat being used instead of oil. Cakes, layer cakes, traditional flatbreads, potica cakes, sweet or savoury festive breads, žganci, krapci pockets, solenka cottage cheese cakes, and bread, much of which is enriched with crackling, cottage cheese, herbs, or fresh or dried fruit.

The culinary stories of Health Resort Zdravilišče Radenci

Chef Jože Horvat

Jože Horvat, the chef de cuisine at Health Resort Zdravilišče Radenci, has many years of experience in the field of preparing traditional culinary delights. He focuses all his knowledge and work on providing our guests with the most diverse and highest quality selection from the rich treasury of local Prlekija dishes.

Prlekija dinner

At Health Resort Zdravilišče Radenci, you can enjoy locally themed cuisine once a week at the Prlekija dinner, when local specialties dominate the menu. We also recommend a glass of good wine to pair with the food.

Dishes with mineral water

Among our specialties are dishes prepared with mineral water - we use it in the preparation of various salads, sauces, drinks, and desserts. We also use mineral water in the preparation of our famous apple strudel!

The Make a Healthy Choice culinary programme

Those who want to eat healthier can tailor their menus according to the "Make a healthy choice" programme.

Brošura Izberimo zdravo

Prlekija dishes found in our menus

• Tunka meat and zaseka (lard)
• Brawn, presswurst with pumpkin seed oil and onion
• Vinegar meat (beef in salad)
• Pot barley salad with pumpkin seed oil
• Milk cucumbers
• Cheese cones (dried cottage cheese)
• Mushroom soup with buckwheat
• Prlekija shepherd's soup
• Browned flour soup
• Vineyard style saddle of pork
• Prlekija huntsman's goulash
• Mura millers’ style trout fillet
• Pasta with cottage cheese and crispy bacon
• Potato rolls with poppy seeds
• Dödöli potato žganci with sour cream and onions
• Roasted buckwheat porridge with honey mushrooms
• Prlekija roasted potatoes with cracklings
• Sweet pasta with poppy seeds and cream
• Prlekija capicola and zaseka (lard)

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