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Wellness inspired by the power of Prekmurje nature

Wellness at Health Resort Zdravilišče Radenci is based around our four natural healing factors, namely a climate with 250 sunny days a year and the healing Fango mud, as well as the thermal and mineral water rich in CO2. The latter is the foundation for mineral wellness, which you can experience only with us. Visit Wellness Corrium!

  • Four natural healing factors
  • Unique mineral wellness
  • The Henn drinking treatment
  • Famous mineral baths
  • Sauna with mineral water ice

Well-being with the help of four natural healing factors

Mineral water rich in CO2

The mineral water from Radenci, which has CO2 content among the highest in the whole of Europe, is our most precious natural gift. Experience its beneficial effects with the numerous services offered by our mineral wellness centre!

Beneficial thermal water

Thermal water generally improves circulation in the visceral organs and veins. Its thermal activity with the aid of heat has beneficial effects on the whole body. Indulge in its embrace in our thermal oasis with 10 different pools.

250 days of sunshine a year

The town of Radenci enjoys over 250 days of sunshine a year. It is precisely due to the abundance of sunshine that Zdravilišče Radenci was the first in Slovenia to receive the title of a bioclimatic resort.

Fango healing mud

By effectively conducting heat deep into the tissue, they have a pleasantly soothing effect, as well as alleviating aches and pains in the back and joints, reducing muscle tension, loosening connective tissue, and helping with body toning and shaping.


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