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The Henn drinking treatment

A daily glass of health

The mineral water from Radenci is rich in the minerals that are essential for health and for balanced functioning of the body. Give yourself a daily dose of well-being by drinking from our invaluable source of health, directly from the mineral water spring at the Health Lounge. The drinking treatment is named after dr. Karl Henn, a balneologist, who first discovered the beneficial Radenci mineral water spring in 1833.

  • Pour water directly from the spring
  • We recommend drinking the water three times a day
  • Beneficial effects on digestion and cardiovascular function
  • Helps regulate blood pressure
Performed at:

Health Resort,
Zdravilišča Radenci,
Zdraviliško naselje 12

The Henn drinking treatment is free of charge for guests of Health Resort Zdravilišče Radenci.

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