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Business gatherings and team building at the Zdravilišče Radenci Health Resort

The Zdravilišče Radenci Health Resort offers a number of active and relaxing experiences that will invigorate your team and encourage socialising. Take advantage of lively programmes for every team and the benefits of mineral water to restore vitality and a healthy spirit. Keep things simple with pre-prepared programmes or create one to your specific wishes with the help of our MICE experts.

Strengthen team bonds at the Centre of Health

View from the air

Perspective is very important in business. Take a panoramic flight from the Murska Sobota Aeroclub or enjoy a hot air balloon ride with the Bakovci Balloon Club.

Adrenaline-filled experiences

Boost your team spirit by taking on the Lake Bukovnica Adventure Park. Different combinations of skills for up to 100 people.

Rafting on the Mura River

In business, unforeseen situations sometimes arise, and in these situations – just like in rafting – the team has to come together. Share a new experience and strengthen the bonds of your team.

Cycling on the Pannonian Plains

Split into teams and cycle between the plains and the vineyards. You can end your journey at one of the tourist farms or wine cellars.


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