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Slovenian cuisine with a modern interpretation

At Sava Hotels Bled, we swear by fresh and seasonal ingredients. Top products from local producers also play an important role. They range from fresh local vegetables and dairy products to first-class trout from a local breeder. We prepare all sauces ourselves, cook the best jams from local ingredients in the hotel kitchens, and make homemade ice cream. But the highlight of your stay at Bled should always be the Original Bled cream cake, which was created in our Cafe Park and has been delighting those with a sweet tooth for 70 years!

Culinary stories of Sava Hotels Bled

Chef Simon Bertoncelj

The gastronomic offer at Sava Hotels Bled is crated under the watchful eye of Chef Simon Bertoncelj who is known for the richness of his ingredients and flavours. His dishes reflect the extensive knowledge he gained at the restaurants of acclaimed chefs: he trained with the excellent Gordon Ramsay, with the French chef Marc Meurin in Lille who boasts two Michelin stars and at the Esszimmer BMW Welt restaurant in Munich, which was awarded one Michelin star.

Restaurant Julijana - Michelin-worthy cuisine

Restaurant Julijana (Grand Hotel Toplice) boasts the prestigious awards The Michelin Plate and Recommended by Michelin as well as 3 toques according to Gault Millau. When preparing the dishes, we use all delicacies that are expected of a high-end restaurant. These include, among others, goose liver, duck liver, and prime cuts of beef are a must. Try our award-winning local Bled menu, Rikli's vegetarian menu or the seasonal 4-course tasting menu.

Več o restavraciji Julijana

Grand Hotel Toplice - Powerful select flavours

At the Grand Hotel Toplice, culinary enthusiasts are served French haute cuisine with a local and Mediterranean touch. The menus in this 5-star hotel, which is accompanied by a rich tradition, are characterised by powerful select flavours that are sure to impress fine dining aficionados.

Rikli Balance Hotel - Gastronomy according to Rikli

At the Rikli Balance Hotel, we will amaze you with typical Alpine cuisine based on the teachings of the Swiss healer Arnold Rikli, the founder of natural healing at Bled who swore by an ascetic, meat-free diet prepared with fresh, high-quality, local and seasonal ingredients. Dishes that Rikli himself would approve are on offer at hotel breakfasts and dinners if you follow the "How to live according to Rikli" tag.

Hotel Park - Nature is our inspiration

As is the case in the entire Hotel Park, you are also accompanied by inspiration from nature in its culinary offer. When creating our menus, we swear by fresh and local ingredients and top-quality products from local producers - from fresh local vegetables and dairy products to nutritious nuts such as walnuts and hazelnuts as well as seasonal fresh and dried fruit, which will fill you with energy for the best possible start to the new day. Follow the "Nature is our inspiration" label for healthy menu planning tips.

Cafe Park – the home of the Original Bled cream cake

When we talk about the culinary offer of Cafe Park, we cannot but highlight the one and only Original Bled cream cake that we have been preparing according to the original recipe for 70 years! In addition to the legendary Original Bled cream cake and other desserts, the cafe also offers a wide range of original dishes. Local gastronomy enthusiasts are recommended to try the Bled Local Selection Board (dilca), which combines premium local products, such as homemade Gorenjska cold cuts, homemade cheeses and pickled vegetables.

Več o kavarni Park

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