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The Panorama Restaurant

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Slovenian cuisine
While visiting the heavenly Bled, you can experience the best that Slovenia has to offer. Why not taste it as well? The Panorama Restaurant will take you on a culinary journey around Slovenia.
Views, views
At the Panorama Restaurant, you will be seated right in front of Bled Island. We guarantee that every bite will taste even sweeter because of the truly spectacular view.
A relaxed wedding in Bled
The Panorama Restaurant is the best choice for people looking for a romantic view, but still wanting to give the wedding a relaxed feel.

The house of Slovenian flavours

So much colour, diversity and beauty in such a small piece of the world… This is often what amazes first-time visitors to Slovenia the most. Many visitors and locals like to indulge in the captivating flavours of Slovenian dishes. Embark on a culinary journey from the northern Primorska region and its Idrija-style “žlikrofi” pasta to the Slovenian coast and its Piran sea bass, from the pan-Slovenian Carniolan sausage and buckwheat porridge to the easternmost part of Slovenia with its Prekmurje layer cake, and finally to Bled for our very own homemade original Bled cream cake. And we must not leave out Slovenian wines, each with a story of its very own. Flip through the menu and the wine list and indulge in the tastes of Slovenia while enjoying the most beautiful view of Lake Bled.


The Panorama Restaurant services

  • Gastronomy
    From entrees to desserts, everything has a Slovenian note to it and the flavours are distinctly seasonal in character! Wine list includes the best Slo ...
  • Events
    Numerous events for the local public and guests of Sava Hotels Bled take place at the Panorama Restaurant. Check out our current dance evenings and ot ...
  • Weddings
    The Panorama Restaurant featuring a view of Lake Bled is the right choice if you want a relaxed wedding in one of the most romantic destinations in th ...

Interesting facts about the Original Bled cream cake

The original Bled cream slice is recognised as a dish with a designation of origin. Since the very first cream cake in 1953, almost 16 million Original Bled cream cakes have been made to this day, using over 136 tons of flour, 8,7 million eggs and 1,600,000 litres of milk. If the 16 million cream cakes were stacked in a row, they would reach 1,085 km or all the way from Bled to Pompei. If we were to stack them on top of one another around Lake Bled, they would make a wall 8,25 m high.
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