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The original Bled cream cake

There is only one original Bled cream cake!

Year of birth: 1953
Place of birth: cake shop of Hotel Park at Bled
Father: Ištvan Lukačević
Mother: Vojvodina cream cake
Features: The layers from the bottom to the top follow one another as follows: puff pastry, custard, whipped cream, puff pastry and icing sugar.
Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 7 centimetres
How do you distinguish the original from the rest? When you place it on the plate, the entire cream cake must sway back and forth.

Interesting facts about the original Bled cream cake

Ever since 1953, the cake shop of Hotel Park has been conscientiously recording the numbers of baked puff pastry sheets used to create these enticing cream cakes. More than 14,000,000 of the original Bled cream cakes have been made in over 60 years. For these, they used about 380,000 litres of cream, more than 863,000 litres of milk, over 6,759,130 eggs, more than 112 tonnes of flour, over 300 tonnes of sugar and more than 78 tonnes of vanilla sugar. On beautiful spring and autumn weekends, they bake from 2500 to 3500 pieces, while bakers still reminisce about the record weekends in the late 1970s when up to 6000 cream cakes were made in a single winter weekend. During that period, Lake Bled froze over regularly and the winter wonderland attracted many visitors who skated on the lake and treated themselves to something sweet.

Cream cake made to the original recipe from 1953

A visit to Bled just wouldn’t be right if you didn’t treat yourself to the original Bled cream cake. We make them in the Hotel Park pastry kitchen, but you can try it in all the Sava Hoteli Bled bars, cafes, restaurants and hotels. We stick closely to the original 1953 recipe. We use ingredients: eggs, flour, cream, sugar and butter. The original Bled cream cake contains no colourants, preservatives or other additives, which is why we make them fresh every day. Cream cakes are made several times a day, while on weekends (the busiest time for Bled in terms of visitor numbers), we prepare them every hour so that they are truly fresh at all times. Most original Bled cream cakes are sold at their home, the Park Café on the Bled promenade!
Only the original is the right one!
You can buy cream cakes nearly everywhere. But it is only at the bars, cafes and restaurants of Sava Hoteli Bled that you can try the original Bled cream cake made to the original recipe, which we have kept a secret to this day!
Freshly made each and every day
The original Bled cream cakes are made in the Hotel Park pastry kitchen every day and with the same preparation procedure. You will find fresh and fragrant cream cakes here every day!
Cremeschnitte in Verkleidung
Mit den Jahren wurden verschiedene Geschmacksrichtungen kreiert – von Schokoladen- bis hin zu fruchtigen Geschmacksvarianten sowie Eis mit dem Geschmack der Original Bleder Cremeschnitte. Die Cremeschnitten werden in schmucker Verpackung auch zum Mitnehmen angeboten.
Café Kavarna Park
Das Zuhause der Original Bleder Cremeschnitte ist das Café Park an der Bleder Promenade. Hier werden die meisten Cremeschnitten verzehrt. Wahrscheinlich auch deshalb, weil sich von der Terrasse des Cafés ein traumhafter Blick auf den Bleder See bietet.

Making cream cakes under the sign of 7

Only the finest fresh and original ingredients are used to make the original Bled cream cakes: fresh eggs, flour, cream, milk, sugar and butter. It is particularly important to use fresh eggs, as they make the cream delicious and light – the kind that melts in your mouth. Cut into slices measuring 7 x 7 cm, original Bled cream cakes are freshly made every day. No industrial preparations are used. Our pastry chefs make them entirely by hand – a true rarity in the modern world. The cakes are made several times a day; on weekends when Bled welcomes the largest number of visitors, they are made as often as every hour.

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