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Bled Ice Cream

Bled: The world’s best ice cream destination

The winning flavour, Sladogled – ice cream with a view, was created in the Hotel Park pastry kitchen. Also known as the SoolNua World ICECREAM Index, the competition for the world’s best ice cream destination in 2017 was organised by SoolNua, an Irish marketing agency.

Come to Bled for some ice cream!

Sladogled and other delicious ice cream flavours are available at the Bled Sladoglednica ice cream parlour and Park Café. There are sixteen flavours to choose from, including unique combinations such as gianduja chocolate with hazelnuts and waffles, Sorrento walnut with orange, and more.

Sladogled – Bled for everyone, Bled in a single story, Bled in a single scoop.

The winning scoop captures the personal characteristics of guests who stop in Bled. Sladogled ice cream has three layers: dark chocolate with raw cocoa beans pampers the side of you that brings you to Bled to enjoy the enchanting nature, the quinoa ice cream with almonds, cinnamon and raisins stimulates the part of your soul looking for motivation and reinvigoration, while the rich mascarpone nurtures your romantic side.

Great ice cream, a great story!

In the competition for the world’s best ice cream destination, Sava Hoteli Bled convinced the international jury with over 4300 votes and a systematic approach to promoting Bled: a great story about a unique flavour of ice cream, breathtaking photographs of the most beautiful views and an enchanting promotional video of Bled, in which Sladogled was brought to the summits of Ojstrica and Straža and taken for a boat ride on Lake Bled. Discover the beautiful views for yourself!

Visit the breathtaking Bled!

Bled and its fairy-tale nature, mild alpine climate and harmonious energy have since always been believed to have a magical healing power. Romantic walks or a horse-drawn carriage ride around the lake, a ride in the traditional pletnja to the Bled Island, a visit to the magnificent castle ruling the rock cliff above the lake and of course treating oneself to the creamiest and most famous Bled dessert, the original Bled cream cake – Bled is a superlative holiday destination! Offering swimming in the lake, hiking, cycling and golfing in the summer, swimming in the thermal water swimming pool complex in winter, wonderful vistas and nearby ski slopes, Bled will captivate you in each and every season.

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