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Gastronomy at Sava Hoteli Bled

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The Julijana Restaurant
Situated on the most beautiful part of the shore of Lake Bled, this boutique restaurant pampers your taste buds with gourmet creations. Chef Simon Bertoncelj was recently awarded the Michelin Plate, which stands for fresh ingredients, carefully prepared into a good meal.
The Panorama Restaurant
Visit the house of Slovenian gastronomy and embark on a culinary discovery of Slovenia framed by views of Lake Bled and the castle. We serve typical dishes from all parts of Slovenia.
Hotel bars and restaurants
Each of the Sava Hoteli Bled hotels has its own unique gastronomy, but there is one thing they have in common – they all swear by fresh ingredients and original approaches.
Park Café
The home of the original Bled cream cake awaits with delicious desserts and hot dishes, as well as with the most beautiful views of Lake Bled.
Jezero Lounge
The Jezero Lounge on the terrace of the Grand Hotel Toplice right next to the lake is the perfect place for refreshment on your walk around the lake.
The original Bled cream cake
During your time in Bled, you simply have to treat yourself to the one and only, the original Bled cream cake. Its delicious flavour has been delighting visitors to Bled for over 50 years.

Bled: The world’s best ice cream destination

Thanks to Sladogled, the ice cream flavour created in the pastry kitchen of Bled’s Hotel Park, Bled has won the title for the world’s best ice cream destination in 2017. In addition to the original Bled cream cake, Bled now also boasts ice cream as a landmark on the world map of delicious treats. After ranking third in the 2016 competition with cream cake flavoured ice cream with creamy bourbon vanilla and delicious waffles, also created in the Hotel Park pastry kitchen, Bled made another leap forward with Sladogled, reaching for the very top of the ice cream destination scale. Visit Park Café or the Bled ice cream parlour with a view for a taste of the winning ice cream.


Fresh and seasonal

At Sava Hoteli Bled, we are well aware that food can be the thing that guests remember most about a place or event. With this in mind, we swear by fresh ingredients used on the day they are picked. We make our own sauces, cook the best jam from local ingredients and make our own ice cream. In the main pastry kitchen, our endlessly dedicated chefs create sinfully delicious desserts, the queen of which is undoubtedly the original Bled cream cake. This is the only place where we make it to the original recipe. Visit any of our bars, cafes and restaurants to discover authentic flavours that can only be created with local ingredients and traditional methods of preparation.


Gastronomy services at Sava Hoteli Bled

  • Grand Hotel Toplice
    Grand Hotel Toplice is famous for its elegant culinary rituals. The Julijana Restaurant and the Jezero Lounge are part of the hospitality establishmen ...
  • Rikli Balance Hotel
    The distinguishing feature of the hotel offer is honey dishes and beverages made from local honey and the brainpower boost ingredients used in the cul ...
  • Hotel Park
    The confectionary shop of Hotel Park has created the most typical Bled dessert – the original Bled cream cake.
  • Hotel Savica
    Guests of Hotel Savica are served breakfast at the hotel, while they can take their other meals at Rikli Balance Hotel. Our special offer includes the ...
  • Hotel Jadran
    Breakfast is served at the hotel, while other meals are available at the Panorama Restaurant – the house of Slovenian flavours, which is only a few st ...
  • Hotel Trst
    All meals for the guests of Hotel Trst are available at the Panorama Restaurant – the house of Slovenian flavours, which is only a few steps from the ...

Take your marital vows in paradise!

We have a first-rate culinary offer for wedding receptions. Our culinary masters will help you decide on the preparation of a refined cocktail party or an opulent menu.

Healthy and Delicious

When on holiday, visiting a restaurant can be quite a challenge. Children usually favour dishes they know from home. And desserts, of course! We recognise the importance of a healthy diet for children. Working with nutritionist Mojca Cepuš, we have given children’s favourite dishes a healthy twist. 

Sava Hoteli Bled restaurants

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