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!We are open and looking forward to your visit. We have introduced Hygiene Standard Plus, an extensive set of measures for hygiene and protection. Before visiting/booking, you can check whether the services and packages we offer have changed
When you come to Bled…
They used to say that a gentleman has to take his lady on a date to Bled and treat her to the original Bled cream cake if he wants to win her heart…
… try the cream cake again!
... and the cream cake is still a must on every visit to Bled. You will find the cream cake made to the original recipe at the bars and restaurants of Sava Hoteli Bled, while its true home is the Park Café.
Cream cake flavoured ice cream
We have frozen the cream cake flavour, creating the most characteristic ice cream flavour of Bled – the original Bled cream cake-flavoured ice cream.
Cream cake to go
The original Bled cream cake is a perfect gift for anyone who couldn’t join you on your visit to Bled. We will box it up for you so that it keeps its freshness until you bring it home.
Light lunches with a view
In addition to the original Bled cream cake and other original and fresh desserts made using raw/uncooked ingredients, the Park Café offers a wide variety of original dishes – from salads and burgers to meat and fish dishes!
Hotel Park has been refurbished for you
Hotel Park – the home of the original Bled cream cake – is located just a few steps from the Bled promenade, and makes an excellent starting point for activities in Bled and the surrounding area. In the refurbishment that took place from November 2019 to June 2020, the hotel was given the glamorous water and park-themed image that it deserves.

The home of the original Bled cream cake

At the Park Café, we are first and foremost cake makers so we will not adhere to the norm and will first present what usually comes last in a meal: desserts. The original Bled cream cake, which is only made according to the original recipe in our pastry kitchen, is now accompanied by chocolate and fruit versions of the cake, while the menu is rounded off with modern cake creations and homemade ice cream made with fresh ingredients. While enjoying the most magnificent view of the Bled scenery, flip through our wine list and select a snack from among the crispy sandwiches that we prepare using local ingredients. Would you prefer a small salad or something hot? We offer these as well. And we would not be surprised if your main course at our café is a dessert!

The Park Café receives the Green Cuisine symbol

After obtaining the Green Key international sustainability symbol and certificate, the Park Café has now also received the Slovenia Green Cuisine symbol, a part of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism. On this occasion, we signed the Commitment to sustainable Slovenian gastronomy, which features seven principles of sustainability. The Commitment is focused on Slovenian culinary specialities, and authentic and seasonal dishes with local character. As such, it highlights the importance of short supply chains featuring local food providers of the highest quality. As Slovenia is rich in good drinking water, the Commitment recommends serving fresh tap water to reduce the use of packaging. Restaurants are encouraged to reduce waste, eliminate single-use plastics, and strive for sustainable use of natural resources. Slovenia is recognised as a country with high hygiene and sanitary standards, providing safe food in a safe environment. The Commitment also promotes social inclusion and integration.


The Park Café services

  • Desserts
    In addition to the cream cake – the most traditional Bled dessert – we offer a diverse range cakes with flavours that you will not find elsewhere, exc ...
  • Ice cream
    Ice cream is a prefect treat at any time – and you will find truly special ice creams at our café. Most people chose the renowned cream cake flavour, ...
  • Burgers and salads
    Are you up for a different kind of burger? In addition to classic burgers, we also offer fish and veggie burgers. The salad offer is also something to ...
  • Hot dishes
    We offer various types of pasta with freshly prepared sauces, as well as a selection of meat and fish dishes.

Interesting facts about the original Bled cream cake

The original Bled cream slice is recognised as a dish with a designation of origin. Since the very first cream cake in 1953, over 15 million original Bled cream cakes have been made to this day, using over 131 tons of flour, 8,437 million eggs and 1,556,000 litres of milk. If the 15 million cream cakes were stacked in a row, they would reach 1,050 km or all the way from Bled to Naples. If we were to stack them on top of one another around Lake Bled, they would make a wall 8 m high.

Visit the breathtaking Bled!

Bled and its fairy-tale nature, mild alpine climate and harmonious energy have since always been believed to have a magical healing power. Romantic walks or a horse-drawn carriage ride around the lake, a ride in the traditional pletnja to the Bled Island, a visit to the magnificent castle ruling the rock cliff above the lake and of course treating oneself to the creamiest and most famous Bled dessert, the original Bled cream cake – Bled is a superlative holiday destination! Offering swimming in the lake, hiking, cycling and golfing in the summer, swimming in the thermal water swimming pool complex in winter, wonderful vistas and nearby ski slopes, Bled will captivate you in each and every season.
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everyday 9am - 9pm

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