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The Jezero Lounge

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A terrace on the most beautiful part of the lake
Bled hides a myriad mesmerising spots where you can enjoy the view over this ethereal lake. One of the most beautiful of these is the terrace of the Grand Hotel Toplice where you will find the Jezero Lounge.
Above the footpaths around the lake
Just above the lake, you will find the tranquil ambiance of the new Jezero Lounge offering refreshing smoothies, an extensive wine list, light snacks and enchanting desserts.
Bled: Best ice cream destination in the world!
And the winning ice cream is: Ice cream with the view (Sladogled): the dark chocolate with raw cocoa beans will pamper the part of you that comes to Bled to enjoy the enchanting nature, the quinoa ice cream with almonds, cinnamon and raisins will stimulate the part of you looking for motivation and reinvigoration, while mascarpone will nurture your romantic side.
At the elegant Grand Hotel Toplice
The Jezero Lounge is part of the most elegant hotel in Bled – the Grand Hotel Toplice where they have for centuries been making sure that your time in paradise runs a bit more slowly.

Refreshment on the most beautiful part of the shore of Lake Bled

The Jezero Lounge awaits you on the terrace of the elegant Grand Hotel Toplice, which is situated on the most beautiful part of the Lake Bled shore. Treat yourself to a morning cup of coffee, a refreshing smoothie, one of the new ice cream flavours created by our dessert chefs that will uplift you and fill you with new energy, or the original Bled cream cake, the creamiest and most delicious Bled dessert, all of which are on offer on the terrace of the most elegant Bled hotel, the Grand Hotel Toplice with its tranquil and green ambiance with amazing views of the lake. Your lunch with a glass of wine from our extensive wine list will be accompanied by a fairytale view of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.


The Jezero Lounge services

  • Lunch and dinner with a view
    A lunch on a cosy terrace is just what you need after a walk around the lake. The offer includes fresh salads, risottos, hamburgers, steaks, fish and ...
  • Ice cream flavours at the Bled ice cream viewpoint
    The latest addition is a range of ice cream flavours that will uplift and re-energise you – walnut sorrento with orange, mascarpone with chocolate and ...
  • Desserts
    You can only get the original Bled cream cake at the establishments of Sava Hotels Bled, which also include the Jezero Lounge. They also offer other w ...
  • Music nights
    The cosy atmosphere on the terrace of the Jezero Lounge is occasionally livened up in the evenings by musical guests.
  • Weddings
    A magnificent location on the lake and the terrace with a view make for an amazing ambiance for wedding receptions.
  • Boat rental
    Just a few steps from the Jezero Lounge, you will find the Grand Hotel Toplice boat house offering boat rental. You can get everything you need for a ...

Interesting facts about the original Bled cream cake

The original Bled cream slice is recognised as a dish with a designation of origin. Since the very first cream cake in 1953, over 15 million original Bled cream cakes have been made to this day, using over 131 tons of flour, 8,437 million eggs and 1,556,000 litres of milk. If the 15 million cream cakes were stacked in a row, they would reach 1,050 km or all the way from Bled to Naples. If we were to stack them on top of one another around Lake Bled, they would make a wall 8 m high.

Visit magical Bled in winter

Widely described as one of the most enchanting places in the world, Bled has far more to offer than just natural sights. People have always believed that its mild Alpine climate and harmonious energy have an almost miraculous healing power. Bled is particularly magical in winter, when it is covered in snow.

Opening hours
Open daily 12.00-22.00 in the summer season. 
Closed in bad weather.
The Jezero Lounge, Grand Hotel Toplice

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