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Physiatrist clinic

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Physiatrist clinic

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Above-standard insurance services

If you have taken out above-standard insurance for medical services, you can also order above-standard physiotherapy treatment with us, the bill for which will be settled by your health insurance company. Regarding the conditions for using these services, please contact the customer support centre of your insurance company, which will issue you an authorisation and organise reservation of the appointment.

Sava Turizem d.d. has formed contracts of cooperation for the destinations of Terme 3000, Health Resort Zdravilišče Radenci, and Terme Ptuj with the following above-standard insurance providers:

GENERALI zavarovalnica d.d.
Vzajemna d.v.z.
Triglav zdravstvena zavarovalnica d.d.
PZA - prva zdravstvena asistenca d.o.o.

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