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Health services at Zdravilišče Radenci


Why visit the Zdravilišče Radenci Health Centre?

  • No surcharges for top accommodation
    Upon the patient’s arrival, the physician draws up a custom rehabilitation programme, including mineral baths, adapted gymnastic exercises and other a ...
  • Specialist and preventative programmes
    The Health Centre boasts the most up-to-date 3D ultrasound machine and equipment for stress testing and rehabilitation for patients with cardiovascula ...
  • 24/7 medical care
    Available to our guests 24/7 are numerous physiatrists, a cardiac surgeon, an interventional cardiologist, an angiologist and phlebologist, a neurolog ...
  • The most up-to-date equipment
    Health programmes at the Radenci health Resort include manager examinations, a women’s programme for a healthy heart and an athletes’ heart programme. ...
  • Tailored treatments
    There are no surcharges for above-standard accommodation for patients sent to the Radenci Health Resort inpatient rehabilitation by the Health Insuran ...

Take care of yourself. Your heart will be grateful!

At the Zdravilišče Radenci Health Centre, we treat:
Cardiovascular diseases (conditions after acute myocardial infarctions, post-operative cardiovascular conditions, chronic heart diseases, convalescence and myocarditis)
Metabolic diseases (diabetes with disorders of the nervous system and vascular diseases, problems caused by uric acid, excessive weight)
Rheumatic conditions, locomotor system disorders and post-trauma conditions
Neurological diseases (injuries and diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, conditions after a stroke and neuromuscular diseases), physical and mental exhaustion

Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of morbidity and death in the developed world. Rehabilitation is a lifelong process. The combination of the beneficial effect of natural healing factors, physical activity, a healthy lifestyle and educational activities, carried out under the watchful eye of qualified experts and with the use of the most up-to-date equipment, allows the patient to return to a quality, active life. The Radenci Health Resort offers basic rehabilitation after myocardial infarctions and heart surgeries, as well as a restorative programme designed to reduce the likelihood of repeated problems or the deterioration of the cardiovascular disease, encourage a healthy lifestyle and improve the patient’s health.

Mineral water

Numerous springs bubble up to the surface at Radenci, but in general we distinguish between mineral and thermal mineral water. The mineral water has a carbon dioxide content that places it among the richest mineral waters in Europe. Mineral baths with a temperature of 30 to 33 °C have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, conditions after a myocardial infarction and post-operative cardiovascular conditions. Drinking mineral water from the spring (known as the drinking treatment) helps with kidney and urinary tract conditions and metabolic diseases. With healthy people, drinking treatments are recommended to strengthen and reinvigorate the body. Meanwhile, bathing in the thermal water alleviates degenerative joint conditions and post-trauma and post-operative conditions of the locomotor system.

Mineral bath

The mineral water  from Radenci is used for bathing and drinking. A bathtub filled with mineral water – much richer in bubbles than bottled water – is absorbed through the skin, expands the blood vessels and makes the vascular walls softer and more flexible. Even a short, 15 minute bath will help regulate blood pressure, resulting in an immediate boost of well-being, while also benefiting the heart and skin. It is best to complement the baths with a drinking treatment – pouring yourself a glass of the mineral water straight from the spring an hour before meals at least three times a day for five consecutive days.

The Henn drinking treatment

Many Radenci Health Resort guests describe the natural mineral water from Radenci as a beverage that works miracles, rejuvenates the body and extends life. The mineral water from Radenci is one of the best, not only in Europe but around the world. It is distinguished by a high content of CO2 and minerals in optimum proportions, enabling the body to absorb them easily. It helps with low blood pressure and chronic constipation and prevents urinary calculi and osteoporosis. A drinking treatment with mineral water that you can drink directly from the spring is a unique way to look after your health. Drink a glass at least three times a day and take advantage of this invaluable opportunity to detoxify and regenerate!

A bioclimatic health resort

Boasting over 250 days of sunshine a year, the Radenci Health Resort was the first in Slovenia to gain the title of a bioclimatic health resort. When it comes to treatments and therapies, we make the most of the local climate and its beneficial effects by offering outdoor recreation programmes and climate therapy in combination with the healing factors of mud, mineral water and thermal water. The healing mud effectively conducts heat deep into the tissue, which has a mild soothing effect, alleviates pain and relieves chronic inflammation. Visit us and discover the power of the three natural healing factors combined with a beneficial bioclimate!