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Entertainment programme offered during the summer holidays

Hotel Histrion
1. July 2024 - 31. August 2024

Spend your summer holidays with us! Our diverse summer entertainment programme offers activities for guests of all ages. Join us for creative workshops for children, water gymnastics in the pool, go on a stroll with us by the sea, or join us for an outdoor group workout! 

Social activities

  • An evening of Istrian cuisine with live music at Hotel Histrion (Thursday)
  • An evening of Slovenian cuisine at Hotel Histrion (Tuesday)
  • Acoustic Wednesdays at Grand Hotel Bernardin (Wednesday)
  • After beach parties with a DJ and drink specials 
  • Evening hike to Piran (Wednesday)

Guided sports activities

  • Water aerobics (every day in the morning and afternoon)
  • Water basketball and volleyball (Wednesday)
  • 4-a-side volleyball (Monday)
  • Badminton (Tuesday)
  • Family flinger tournament (Sunday)

Activities for children

  • Billy’s creative corner (every day)
  • Mini disco and dodgeball tournament (Monday)
  • Visit from our mascot, Billy, and a workout (Tuesday)
  • Billy’s birthday party (Tuesday)
  • Mini disco (Thursday)
  • Treasure hunt (Friday)
  • Mini disco and picnic on the beach (Saturday)
  • SmashNet (Saturday)
  • Visit from our mascot, Billy, and a photo shoot (Sunday)
  • Cartoon viewing (Sunday)

We reserve the right to change the programme of activities for guests. Please check with the entertainment team at your hotel/resort for a detailed programme of activities. 

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