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Thermal park and hotel pools

Find your favourite thermal corner at Terme 3000! Each hotel has its own thermal pools, with guests having access to one of the largest thermal water parks in Slovenia. You can bathe in calm relaxation pools, in swimming pools, and in children's pools. Also available in all bathing areas are beneficial black baths, relaxation rooms, and saunas. Welcome to a thermal holiday or an unforgettable water party!

  • Thermal Park Terme 3000 with indoor and outdoor areas
  • Livada, Ajda, and Termal hotel pools
  • Adrenaline and family waterslides
  • Black baths in all bathing areas
Thermal Park Terme 3000
Terme 3000
Livada hotel pools
Hotel Livada
Ajda hotel pools
Hotel Ajda
Termal hotel pools
Hotel Termal
Black thermal mineral water
Buffet Restaurant Rašoška
Cafe Praline

Our accommodation selection

Just as our hotel thermal baths are diverse, so are our hotels - from calm or lively, to romantic or family-friendly. Discover a hotel for yourself, or choose another type of accommodation at Terme 3000. Guests of all our accommodations have free entry to the thermal park!

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