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Local, natural, Prekmurje!

In a land of rich culinary traditions, we serve many local delicacies. All meals in our hotels offer a choice of high-quality and varied dishes prepared from fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients. Local dishes are largely prepared using local ingredients, to which we often like to add a modern touch. When it smells like Prekmurje, you are always in for an unforgettable gourmet experience. So, you are cordially invited to our table, where you can try more than 50 different Prekmurje dishes.

Discover authentic cuisine with a local touch

Prekmurje specialties

Prekmurje cuisine reflects the spirit of the region, with strong, complex flavours and aromas that are sure to leave an impression. In this timeless landscape people have preserved the tradition of preparing home-made delicacies for centuries; delicacies appreciated far and wide: Prekmurje layer cake, "bograč" stew, "retaši" strudel, "zlevanka" dessert, "bujta repa" turnip stew, "koline" pork meat, "pogača" cakes, and other dishes are a regular part of our culinary selection.

Traditional Prekmurje dishes

Prekmurje cuisine may be simple, but it’s full of flavour, consisting of foods offered by the local environment. Typical ingredients are buckwheat, pumpkin oil, and lard, with poppy seeds often finding their way into desserts. At Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice, you can find more than 50 typical Prekmurje dishes on the menu, prepared by our chefs using local ingredients!

Cuisine you can only try with us

Throughout the year, our excellent chefs prepare delicious creations with a touch of local Prekmurje cuisine, which is so enchanting to many guests that they keep coming back to Terme 3000! We have gone one step further from the traditional recipes our grandmothers used to cook, and decided to prepare certain Prekmurje dishes in our own way.

Prekmurje breakfasts

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If that's true, your days with us will be wonderful and full of authentic Prekmurje experiences. Hotel Livada Prestige offers an authentic, hearty Prekmurje breakfast, rich with delicacies from local producers, such as Prekmurje meats, local cow and goat cheeses, crackling spread, minced lard spread, buckwheat salad, Prekmurje yoghurt and butter, “vrtanek” bread, and onion bread.

Prekmurje dinners

At our authentic Prekmurje dinners, held every week in our hotel restaurants, we serve many delicacies such as gypsy roast and bograč stew, as well as top quality wines. On these occasions, our chefs look especially handsome, dressed in traditional Prekmurje costume while preparing and serving dishes in kettles and traditional pottery.

Local suppliers

We are happy to say that we order quite a few dairy products from local suppliers, including various cheeses, yoghurts, and buttermilk. The bread products we serve our guests are also made locally, for example "vrtanek" (bread baked in a traditional bread oven), onion bread, buns, and bread with cracklings. Our potatoes, onions, garlic, and carrots are also grown on a local farm, as is our pumpkin oil, which is an indispensable part of Prekmurje.

Mura Gourmet

For all our gourmet guests, we have prepared a package of culinary experiences from Prekmurje! While staying with us and enjoying our thermal services and facilities, you can also explore the culinary range offered throughout the surrounding area by booking the Mura Gourmet package. Taste the culinary selections of local providers, such as the Šunkarna Kodila ham house and Gostilna Rajh restaurant.

New offers

Because we at Terme 3000 want to create an unforgettable Prekmurje-themed culinary experience for you, we are constantly upgrading our selection with novelties that will spice up your gourmet experience.

Danilo Kozar & Danilo Čurman - excellent Prekmurje chefs on why Prekmurje cuisine in Terme 3000 is the best

You're wondering why Prekmurje cuisine really is the best here with us? That's simply because we prepare it with love! At Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice, we work with all our chefs to bring the culinary delights of Prekmurje closer to every guest, which is why we upgrade local recipes with modern cooking approaches. The foods we put on our tables bring a timeless harmony of local flavours. In addition to classic dishes such as "bograč" stew and cured meat products, our desserts, which also contain local culinary treasures, definitely put the finishing touch on it all.

Awards and certificates

Proud recipients of the Local Gastronomy at Hotels award

At the 67th Slovenian Hospitality and Tourism Convention (GTZ), Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice received the “Local Gastronomy at Hotels” Quality Mark for 2021. At Terme 3000, we serve our guests more than 50 traditional Prekmurje dishes, following the recipes of our grandmothers, and more than 40 dishes with buckwheat, the grain that has left an important mark on the Prekmurje region. We source several dairy and bakery products from local suppliers, with our potatoes, onions, garlic, and carrots also grown on a local farm, and our pumpkin seed oil also sourced locally.

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