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Wellness, inspired by the power of Prekmurje nature

Wellness, inspired by the power of Prekmurje nature

Wellness treatments and rituals - each of our wellness services will bring you one step closer to well-being. Find true relaxation at our two wellness centres, and at our saunas, relaxation rooms, and special corners, where you can relax with the help of nature. Also don't overlook our medico-wellness services for pain relief.

  • Two wellness centres
  • Relaxation area in the thermal park
  • Black baths and rest areas at the baths
  • Saunas and guided sauna programmes
  • The power of nature at your disposal: septarian nodules, barefoot path, crystal path...

Our wellness range

We have added a touch of the Prekmurje meadows and the benefits of black thermal mineral water to our classic wellness range. Discover relaxation for yourself!

Wellness Thermalium
Livada Thai Centre
Livada hotel saunas
The relaxation area of Thermal Park Terme 3000
Ajda hotel saunas
Termal hotel saunas
Black thermal mineral water
Blackaquatherm cosmetics
Septarian nodules
Barefoot trail and tree hugging park
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