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The Ajda pool complex

The story of the Ajda pool complex

Much like Hotel Ajda, the Ajda pool complex lives and breathes buckwheat, the local grain it is named after. Buckwheat characterises many things that the hotel has to offer. Guests will encounter it at every step – in pillows, where it contributes to a deep, peaceful sleep; in gastronomy, where it enriches the flavour of local and other dishes; and everywhere in the hotel, where its depictions add a touch of grace.
Similarly, the pool complex features flat hanging reflective elements shaped like grains of buckwheat that catch and reflect the light from spotlights. Similar hanging illumination elements in the shape of buckwheat grains can be found in the saunas, aromatherapy room and rest lounges. The entire pool complex features natural materials, including wood surrounded by gravel to create the feeling of nature indoors.
For sauna enthusiasts, we have a Finnish, Turkish and infrared sauna with Prekmurje herbs. Guests can use two rest lounges; one features wooden elements, while the other offers heated loungers and dimmed lights for relaxation in the dark. In addition to saunas, we also offer snow treatments – visit our ice fountain with fresh snow and ice.
Buckwheat rest lounge
Tranquil and remote, the Buckwheat Lounge (Ajdova počivalnica) on the first floor is perfect for visitors looking for total relaxation and fresh energy. The loungers are furnished with pillows filled with buckwheat hulls for a feeling of tranquillity, rest, micromassage and heat regulation.
Aromatherapy rest lounge
The aromatherapy rest lounge is intended for visitors looking to relax with the intoxicating scent of Prekmurje herbs. Aromatherapy is a healing treatment that uses liquid volatile plant extracts, also known as essential oils, as well as other aromatic parts of plants.
Reinvigorating chromotherapy
The chromotherapy corner features four basic colours – white, blue, green and red – for a cleansing, relaxing, harmonising and reinvigorating effect. A method of alternative medicine, chromotherapy uses coloured light to restore balance at all levels of human existence.

Pillows filled with buckwheat hulls

The rest lounges in the renovated Ajda pool complex are furnished with pillows filled with buckwheat hulls for a feeling of tranquillity, rest, micromassage and heat regulation. Pillows filled with buckwheat hulls for a deep and peaceful sleep are also available in the Hotel Ajda rooms. Known for its outstanding nutritional properties, buckwheat can also be used in the treatment of some diseases. After over four centuries of cultivation, it is difficult to imagine a typical Slovenian landscape without buckwheat, which makes it the perfect choice for our pool complex, where you will feel relaxed, reinvigorated and in touch with nature.

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