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Thermal park Terme 3000

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An Abundance of Fun
The lower part of the thermal park is ideal for vivacious and active guests who like to swim and splash around. The children’s pool offers plenty of room for children to play and be boisterous.
An Abundance of Health
Retreat to the natural pool and dive into the black thermal mineral water and experience its beneficial effects. But before you do that, take a stroll on the barefoot path, which feels like an acupressure massage for the feet.
An Abundance of Relaxation in the Saunas and in the Buckwheat’s Embrace
The upper level of the thermal park is intended for resetting and relaxing. You can cleanse your body in the Finnish or infra-red sauna or in the steam bath and find refreshment in the ice-cold pool. The Buckwheat Lounge offers rest on pillows filled with buckwheat husks, which soothe, relax, offer a micro massage, and regulate body heat. 
Outdoor thermal park for an adrenaline rush
The outdoor area of the park is all about summer fun! Our entertainment coordinators make sure there’s always something going on at the pools. Discover the waterslides for adrenaline enthusiasts and families, including the Boom waterslide with visual effects. When you are ready for some rest, relax in the shade of the tall Prekmurje trees.
Looping the Aqualoop
Did you know that a race car driver accelerates at 1.6 G? Well, the acceleration force on the Aqualoop waterslide is 2.5 G! Experience the rocket-like start of the world’s first waterslide with a 360° loop – at 80 km/h, it is also the fourth fastest waterslide in Europe!
The Kamikaze freefall
There are waterslides for the brave and then there are waterslides for the bravest. Our Kamikaze waterslide definitely belongs in the latter category! Slide into the pool from a height of 22 m while barely even touching the waterslide below you. The feeling of freefall will make you feel as though you’re flying!
The Stork’s flight zip line
Climb up above the thermal park and fly over the pools! The zip line extends from the Aqualoop waterslide to a soft landing on the other end of the outdoor thermal park. Experience this adrenaline-filled flight to discover the Prekmurje landscape as the storks see it.


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Opening hours
Thermal park 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Pools and waterslides indoor 9 a.m. – 8.45 p.m.
The world of saunas 12 a.m. - 8.30 p.m.

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