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Gastronomy at Terme 3000

Terme 3000 - proud partner of the Slovenia – European Region of Gastronomy 2021 project

In 2021, when Slovenia is the proud holder of the title of European Region of Gastronomy 2021, Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice is among the partners and associate members whose projects, programmes and events help to shape the story of gastronomy. The Slovenia – European Region of Gastronomy 2021 project focuses on enhancing the quality of life, and encompasses opportunities for education in healthy and sustainable living and the sustainable development of gastronomy. It enhances the national promotion of cuisine and gastronomy, and creates synergies with local environments and cultures. At Terme 3000, we are proud to offer our guests more than 50 dishes from Prekmurje, which are prepared following the recipes of our grandmothers, and more than 40 different dishes that contain buckwheat, a grain that strongly characterises the landscape of Prekmurje. We order a vast array of dairy products from local suppliers, including a variety of cheeses, yoghurts and buttermilk. Baking products are also locally prepared and served to guests, including vrtanek (plaited bread) and bread from the bread oven, onion bread, bread rolls, and flat cake with cracklings. Potatoes, onions, garlic, and carrots come from the local farms,as does the pumpkin seed oil, an indispensable part of Prekmurje.

Prekmurje breakfast

If breakfasts at the Hotel Livada Prestige are anything to go by, your days here will be full of genuine Prekmurje experiences. We will pamper you with an authentic, hearty Prekmurje breakfast composed of delicacies from local producers, such as Prekmurje meats, local cow’s and goat’s cheese, crackling spread, minced lard, buckwheat groats salad, Prekmurje yoghurts and butter, “vrtanek” plaited bread and onion bread. “Boug žegnjaj!” (God bless!)
Authentic flavours
The Terme 3000 chefs have taken it upon themselves to make sure that every visitor tastes and enjoys the gastronomy of Prekmurje. Discover it through local ingredients or typical local dishes.
Local providers
We are very happy that we are able to order a range of dairy products from local providers, including a selection of cheeses, yoghurts and buttermilk. We also have local providers for the various breads and pastries that we serve to our guests, such as traditional “vrtanek” plaited bread, bread from a wood-fired oven, rustic onion loaves, bread rolls and flatbreads with crackling. On top of that, we use locally grown potatoes, onions, garlic and carrots, as well as locally produced pumpkin seed oil – an unmissable part of Prekmurje.
Prekmurje evenings
Herbs from the Prekmurje meadows are what makes the dishes and beverages authentic and full of flavour. Guests can even pick their own herbs in the herb garden on the terrace of the Hotel Livada.
Prekmurje dishes with a modern twist
The Prekmurje tapas that we serve at Terme 3000 will introduce you to Prekmurje gastronomy with a modern twist, from fresh combinations to the way they are served. You can now sample the traditional Prekmurje layer cake in various shapes and styles – for instance as an ice cream flavour or as delicious petits fours. 
Mura Gourmet
During your stay with us, choose the Mura Gourmet package to enjoy not just our thermal springs, but also the local gastronomy. Sample the delicacies served by local providers such as the Kodila Ham House, the Rajh Restaurant and the Marof Wine Cellar. Photo: Šunkarna Kodila 
Two top Prekmurje chefs
Both originating from Prekmurje, chef Danilo Čurman, the head chef at the Livada and Ajda Hotels, and chef Danilo Kozar, the head chef at the Hotel Termal and Terme 3000’s pastry chef, have won top awards at national and international culinary competitions. Using their knowledge and extensive experience, they watch over the gastronomy at Terme 3000. 
Herbs from the Prekmurje meadows
Herbs from the Prekmurje meadows are what makes the dishes and beverages authentic and full of flavour. Guests can even pick their own herbs in the herb garden on the terrace of the Hotel Livada.
Choose what’s best!
The Hotel Livada shows guests how important a balanced diet is for well-being. In collaboration with a renowned nutritionist, we developed the “Choose what’s best” programme, which encourages guests to choose the healthier versions of various dishes.

Self-service bar at Hotel Ajda - »My drink, my bar.«

At Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice, we believe that innovation combined with tradition is a recipe for success and for satisfied guests. That’s why we decided to elevate the guest experience at Hotel Ajda to a new level with an innovation found nowhere else in Slovenia, or Europe for that matter, only while staying with us! The hotel restaurant at Hotel Ajda now features a self-service bar with the slogan "My drink, my bar", representing a special experience in which our guests can serve themselves their favourite drink.  The self-service bar is a uniquely Slovenian idea, which we have implemented at Sava Hotels & Resorts in cooperation with the Nektar Natura company. With its modern look and natural materials, the innovative self-service bar blends right in with the interior design of the restaurant. It allows guests to pour their favourite drink just when they want it, while also making the work of our staff easier, as instead of serving drinks, they can now focus entirely on the guests. The self-service bar offers 6 different types of wine, two types of beer, 8 types of spirits, cocktails with a dash of Prekmurje, and various non-alcoholic drinks such as juices, water and sodas. Using the bar is simple. You simply place your glass under the tap for the desired drink and pour it. Payment is handled by placing your hotel card on the sensor, which then transfers the cost of the drink to your hotel bill, which you will settle upon departure. Cheers!

Prekmurje layer cake – the queen of Slovenian desserts

With its colourful layers and depth of flavour, the Prekmurje layer cake is so unique that it clearly deserves the royal treatment among Slovenian desserts. Start with shortcrust pastry as the base. Add layers of cottage cheese, poppy seeds, walnut filling, and apples, with filo pastry between each layer, and then repeat the whole process. When they still used whole milk and when cottage cheese had a full, rich flavour, the layer cake was traditionally sweetened with blossom honey from the meadows of Prekmurje. Working as hard as honey bees, our pastry chefs construct the cake layer by layer (or güba by güba), creating a veritable culinary masterpiece.

Prekmurje buckwheat dishes

Blossoming, fragrant fields of buckwheat are a typical feature of the local landscape, as this grain has been cultivated on the territory of modern-day Slovenia for over four centuries. Slovenian buckwheat dishes are renowned all over the world, reaching even as far as Japan. Once the food of farmers and paupers, buckwheat has been gradually gaining in importance and popularity in recent years – and for good reason! During your stay with us, you will have the opportunity to sample over 40 dishes made with this nutritious grain.


Gastronomy services at Terme 3000

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Meetings and events with a culinary twist

We simply cannot imagine developing new business ideas, building better relationships or having unforgettable fun in Prekmurje without good food. At Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice, we swear by taking a break for food with a local touch. With our Prekmurje tapas selection, you can explore the culinary heritage of the region and enjoy the rich flavours of Prekmurje dishes prepared following traditional or modernised recipes. Our latest delicacies include buckwheat smoothies, Prekmurje layer cake petits fours and miniature flatbreads with crackling!

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