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Gastronomy at Terme 3000

Authentic flavours
The Terme 3000 chefs have taken it upon themselves to make sure that every visitor tastes and enjoys the gastronomy of Prekmurje. Discover it through local ingredients or typical local dishes.
The best dessert on Earth
The Prekmurje layer cake is the region’s most famous dessert. Thanks to its rich flavour, it is also known as the queen of desserts.
Herbs from the Prekmurje meadows
Herbs from the Prekmurje meadows are what makes the dishes and beverages authentic and full of flavour. Guests can even pick their own herbs in the herb garden on the terrace of the Hotel Livada.
Choose what’s best!
The Hotel Livada shows guests how important a balanced diet is for well-being. In collaboration with a renowned nutritionist, we developed the “Choose what’s best” programme, which encourages guests to choose the healthier versions of various dishes.


Gastronomy services at Terme 3000

  • Café Praliné

    The bakery of Terme 3000 offers typical Prekmurje desserts with the flagship dessert, the Prekmurje layer cake, at the helm and cakes to suit any p ...

    Contact: +386 2 512 12 56
    Opening hours: 12.00–22.00

  • Prestige Restaurant

    The à la carte restaurant at Hotel Livada delights with its modern interpretations of typical Prekmurje dishes. Open to hotel guests as well as vis ...

    Contact: +386 2 512 50 50
    Opening hours: 12.00–22.00

  • Hotel bars and restaurants
    Guests can choose from 2 restaurants, a brasserie and 3 bars at Hotel Livada; a restaurant, tavern and 3 bars at Hotel Ajda; and a restaurant and 2 ba ...
  • Bars and restaurants in the Terme 3000 Thermal Park
    In the Thermal Park, you will find the Okrogla Restaurant, a self-service restaurant and a pub. With additional bars and culinary events in the summer ...
  • Catering services

    To make your event complete, you need great company and excellent food. The former is up to you and our experienced team will take care of the latt ...

    +386 0 51 228 750,
    +386 0 51 677 780,

  • Celebrations in our restaurants

    Birthday parties and other jubilees, graduation dances or reception of sacraments. Our restaurants will organise the perfect event to suit your nee ...

    Contact: +386 2 512 50 50

The best chefs support local flavours!

At Terme 3000, we incorporate typical local ingredients into our dishes. Buckwheat flour imbues them with a truly special flavour. You don't like cracklings? We are sure we can change your mind! The Hotel Livada offers two culinary specialities. The first is herbs from the Prekmurje meadows that enrich dishes and beverages. The second is the “Choose what’s best” programme, which highlights the impact of a balanced diet on your well-being and encourages guests to choose healthier dishes.

Prekmurje’s best chefs

Both originating from Prekmurje, chef Danilo Čurman, the head chef at the Hotels Livada and Ajda, and chef Danilo Kozar, the head chef at Hotel Termal and Terme 3000’s pastry chef, have won top awards at national and international culinary competitions. Using their knowledge and extensive experience, they watch over the culinary offer at Terme 3000. Thanks to them, the scents and tastes of Prekmurje will remain with you long after you have returned home and we are convinced that you will crave coming back to pamper your senses with the culinary superlatives of the region on the left bank of the Mura.

Healthy and delicious

When on holiday, visiting a restaurant can be quite a challenge. Children usually favour dishes they know from home. And desserts, of course! We recognise the importance of a healthy diet for children. This is why we worked with the nutritionist Mojca Cepuš and prepared some of the kids' favourites dishes, but made them a bit healthier. 

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