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Current activities

Special offers during your stay

  • Moor Mud aromatic massage
    10.1. - 28.2.2023 
    The combination of a wrap and massage is effective in relieving chronic muscle pain, rheumatic diseases, sports injuries and fatigue.
    • Back massage with wrap, 50 min, EUR 50
    • Full body massage with wrap, 70 min, EUR 74 
  • Septarian nodules
    10.1. - 28.2.2023 

    The septarian nodule is a special feature of the Thermalium Medico-wellness Centre that gives off energy for a positive impact on your well-being. After any wellness treatment, you can enjoy a visit to the septarian nodule free of charge, along with a cup of tea as a treat from us.

    € 3.00/1 entry

  • Our chef's desserts
    10.1. - 28.2.2023 
    Price of desserts: EUR 4.90 per piece
    • The chef's mousse
    • Strawberry wave
    • Locata Panonia, made from the ingredients of the Prekmurje gibanica, and prepared in a modern way
  • Improving health and having fun
    This year, we are bringing back morning exercises at 7:30; exercise with us in the early morning at the Thermalium gym. Or you can join us for a morning walk and take 3000 steps with us. Nordic walking poles are available for use.
    More information
  • Full-body treatment with brushing and anti-inflammatory or rejuvenating wrap and an aromatherapy facial massage
    23.1. - 28.2.2023 

    Perfect facial care with a combination of dry brushing and wrapping. With dry brushing, we remove dead skin cells and help the active ingredients penetrate the skin better. The treatment continues  with a wrap based on the needs of your skin: anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating wraps or wraps for tightening the skin. Additional relaxation then comes in the form of an aromatherapy facial massage.

    50 min, 58,00 € 46,40 €

  • Aromatherapy experience
    23.1. - 28.2.2023 
    20 min facial care + 20 min facial massage
    The comprehensive aromatherapy treatment benefits all who wish to erase the signs of a fast-paced life from their face. Aromatic oils from gentle and skin-friendly bases such as safflower and squalane, are combined with pleasant scents and the proven benefits of extracts such as lavender, chamomile, grapefruit and rose oil. That provide immediate intense hydration, while at the same time soothing, relaxing, brightening and protecting your skin. In case of dry skin, we recommend the day before a Lumafirm Lift & Glow facial treatment.

    42,00 € 33,60 €

Please enquire at the hotel reception for more information on special offers during your stay.
* All other discounts are mutually exclusive

Activities and events in the resort

  • Advice for a trip
    An artist or an explorer? An adventurer or an adrenalin enthusiast? In every case, we have some advice to make your stay nice! There are also many organised excursions. For more detailed information, please enquire with the staff at reception or our entertainment coordinators, who will gladly provide you with useful advice.Photo: Rok Deželak, EKVisuals d.o.o,
    Check the top experiences near Terme 3000!
  • Activities for Every Day
    At Terme 3000 you can improve your health and your mood! To take care of your health, join a guided workout in the pool or enjoy a walk. You can also visit a traditional artisan market and bring back a souvenir from Prekmurje for your loved ones.
  • Winter school holidays at Terme 3000

    During the winter school holidays, we will be joined by Viki the Stork. He will join us in creating, having fun and dancing by the pool.

Events in Terme 3000 and the Surrounding Area

  • Festive atmosphere and ice skating rink
    9.12.2022 - 5.2.2023 
    Tree order Martina Luthra, Murska Sobota 

    In December, there will be a colourful programme next to the ice rink with concerts, children’s shows, performances, and the arrival of Santa Claus. There will also be festive houses with goodies and craft stalls during the Christmas fair. The rink will be in operation until 5 February 2023.

  • Moravske Toplice through time exhibition – Thermal water discovered 60 years ago
    In the park next to the Evangelical Church in the centre of Moravske Toplice. 

    Moravske Toplice celebrates the 60thanniversary of the discovery of thermal water rich in gases. To mark the occasion, TIC Moravske Toplice, in cooperation with the Municipality of Moravske Toplice and stakeholders from Moravske Toplice, has set up an open-air exhibition. You are kindly invited to visit it. Photo: TIC Moravske Toplice

Daytrips in the area of Terme 3000

  • Lake Bukovnica
    Lake Bukovnica (Bukovniško jezero) is known for the miraculous power of the nature around it. Shaded by chestnut and beech trees, there are a number of beneficial energy points around the lake to improve your health and general well-being. Take a walk around the lake and absorb fresh energy in pristine nature.
  • The Passero Estate with a country chocolaterie
    The Passero Estate, in the heart of Prekmurje, is famous for authentic local flavours. In the winery, you can sample local delicacies while enjoying their wines. The country chocolaterie offers delicious chocolate featuring traditional flavours, such as Prekmurje layer cake, local jurka grapes, elderflower and pumpkin seeds.
  • The Island of Love in Ižakovci and a floating mill
    Over the millennia, the Mura has carved out a natural island at Ižakovci, which the locals named the Island of Love. On the island they built a floating mill; today it houses a mill museum and sells various products made in the mill.
  • The Korenika eco-social farm
    The Korenika eco-social farm introduces visitors to the specifics of organic farming and the use of herbs in everyday life. You can take part in preparing traditional dishes with organic ingredients (spelt rolls, spreads, bread, salads with spelt and buckwheat...) or feeding and taking care of the farm animals.
  • The Goričko castle
    Slovenia’s largest Baroque castle stands in the heart of the Goričko Nature Park. According to legend, it has a total of 365 rooms. First built by the Knights Templar in the 11th century, in the 19th century it was adapted into the building we know today. The locals can tell you a number of legends about the castle, the most famous of which tells the story of a castle lord who desired the crown of a flying dragon.
  • The Plečnik church in Bogojina
    The church in Bogojina was designed by the famous Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik. Its pure white exterior has led locals to call it the “white dove”. Prekmurje’s best-known place of worship, the church is an interesting example of early 20th century architecture.
  • The rotunda in Selo
    Built in the 13th century, the rotunda – a round church dedicated to St. Nicholas and the Virgin Mary – is a monument to Romanesque architecture and Gothic painting. According to legend, it originally belonged to the Knights Templar.
  • Lake Bukovnica Adventure Park
    Visit the adventure park in the pristine landscape by Lake Bukovnica and test your physical dexterity on 58 climbing elements suitable for various ages and abilities. The lowest are 1.5 m high, while the highest are 8 m. Taller visitors can brave the Stork’s flight, a 27 m long climbing course.
  • The Volcania Adventure Park
    In Volcania near Grad in Goričko, they have revived the last volcano in Slovenia, which was active 3 million years ago. Visit the adventure park to experience a volcanic eruption and discover the exciting world of volcanoes and the forces that govern our planet.
  • Tropical orchid garden, Dobrovnik
    In Dobrovnik, you will find a small tropical forest: a garden of tropical plants heated by thermal water. In addition to a wide variety of orchid species, there are other fascinating tropical and subtropical plants from around the world to admire: from banana, pepper and coffee plants to the plain old flamingo flower.

The most beautiful gifts from Prekmurje

  • Pralines from our pastry chefs
    Our pastry chefs make pralines that you can try in the Box of Treats. Each box contains pumpkin seed pralines, walnut pralines and sour cherry pralines.

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