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The Živa Wellness Centre

We are open and looking forward to your visit. We have introduced Hygiene Standard Plus, an extensive set of measures for hygiene and protection. Before visiting/booking, you can check whether the services and packages we offer have changed.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Your Sava Hotels & Resorts
Thermal pools
Did you know that we have thermal water at Bled? Try it at Živa Wellness, which has the largest swimming pool complex in the Gorenjska region!
Saunas with a view of Lake Bled
The sauna relaxes. If you combine it with a view of the magnificent Lake Bled, you will find yourself on cloud nine.
Alpine wellness
Alpine wellness programmes, massages and baths give a special note to our services. The power of nature will invigorate your body and soul!
The Rikli concept
Natural healer Arnold Rikli founded a healing centre in Bled in the 19th century. We still follow his holistic approach to well-being today.

Treat all of your senses to complete wellness pampering!

The Živa Wellness Centre features:
Pool complex
An outdoor Finnish sauna with views of the lake and the castle
An experience shower and heated stone beds in the saunas
Daily wellness programmes
Anti-cellulite programmes
Beauty care of the palms and feet
Živa saunas: 3 Turkish saunas and 3 Finnish saunas
2 cold swimming pools with temperatures of 14 and 21 °C respectively
Exclusive massages
Teen spa programmes
Facial care using renowned cosmetics
Beauty treatments

Wellness with a heavenly view of Bled

Natural healer, Arnold Rikli, who founded a healing centre in Bled in the 19th century wrote: "Our every thought, breath and heartbeat, our every feeling, conviction and movement sends energy signals through the body that influence our entire being." Adopting this thought, Živa Wellness offers a wide range of relaxing massages, baths, body and facial treatments, and saunas. The concept is complemented by the Alpine character of Bled, which is reflected in the use of spruce buds and Carniolan bee honey, which have multiple positive healing effects on the body and soul. The Wellness Živa swimming pools boast the most beautiful view of Bled that will recharge you with positive energy when coupled with soothing relaxation. Visit Živa Wellness which has been ranking among the top wellness centres in Slovenia for several years!


The Živa Wellness services

Rikli concept of well-being

In mid-19th century, healer Arnold Rikli turned Bled into a progressive health resort. He focused on the town’s natural properties – the fresh air, the water, and the sunshine – for better well-being. He encouraged plenty of exercise in the fresh air, high-quality vegetarian food in moderation and refreshing sleep. You can follow Rikli’s health programme during your stay. Living the Rikli lifestyle means getting up before sunrise, drinking fresh Bled water on an empty stomach, walking barefoot in the meadows covered with morning dew, enjoying light meals, swimming, sunbathing, and taking lots of walks in the fresh Alpine air. 
In Živa Wellness Centre you can also discover treatments adapted to Rikli’s methods of healing.

Opening hours
Summer openings hours Monday to Thursday: 12.00–21.00
Fridays: 12.00–23.00
Saturdays: 12.00–23.00
Sundays: 12.00–21.00
Winter openings hours Monday to Thursday: 9.00–21.00
Fridays: 9.00–23.00
Saturdays: 9.00–23.00
Sundays: 9.00–21.00
Monday to Thursday: 7.00–21.00
Fridays: 7.00–23.00
Saturdays: 7.00–23.00
Sundays: 7.00–21.00
Body and mind beauty centre
Open every day 8.00-21.00
The Živa Wellness Centre, Rikli Balance Hotel

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