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Luisa Spa

An elegant swimming pool complex
The swimming pool offers views of Lake Bled just a few metres away. This is true relaxation in paradise!
The thermal spring
There is a thermal spring in the Spa  Studio. Swimming in the thermal water has a soothing effect on the cardiovascular system, while drinking thermal water helps relieve stomach problems.
Your well-being ritual
Wellness rituals for wellness enthusiasts are the pinnacle of the exclusive range of baths, massages, saunas and body care.
A fusion of relaxation and entertainment
With its view of Lake Bled and its terrace, the Luisa Spa provides an intimate environment for small-scale parties and bachelorette parties, as well as programmes for couples.

An intimate wellness offer on the shore of Lake Bled

The Luisa Spa features:
Thermal water park
A private terrace with views of the lake
Luxury and classic massages
Beauty treatments
Romantic programmes
Wellness rituals
Finnish sauna, Turkish sauna and infrared sauna
Anti-cellulite programmes
Fun and relaxation programmes


The Luisa Spa services

  • Thermal swimming pool complex
    Entry to the thermal swimming pool complex is free for hotel guests. Treat yourself to a glass of thermal water directly from the spring.
  • Wellness rituals
    Wellness rituals include several exclusive wellness services that will make you truly radiant.
  • Luxury wellness
    Numerous luxuriant and classic massages, pearl and herbal baths as well as Finnish, Turkish and infrared saunas – all in the opulent intimacy of Spa L ...
  • Away from everyday hustle and bustle
    The atmosphere at Spa Luisa is just perfect for small parties and celebrations. We prepare them in coordination with the chef of Grand Hotel Toplice.

A natural spring of fresh thermal water at the Luisa Spa

A reinvigorating swim in spring water

The water in the Luisa Spa thermal pool has a constant temperature of 22°C, as it is filled by thermal water from a natural source, straight from the spring. Swimming in natural spring water has a highly reinvigorating effect. Thanks to the many minerals it contains, bathing in our thermal water is said to have a beneficial effect, particularly on the heart and the vascular system. We recommend two pool visits a day: an energising swim in the morning and a relaxing swim in the evening before bed. You can also take a dip in thermal water after enjoying a sauna or a wellness treatment to maximise its effects.

The ritual of drinking thermal water twice a day for a better well-being

It is also possible to drink from the fresh natural thermal water spring at the Luisa Spa. Drinking thermal water has a number of positive effects on the body, mind and soul, as it improves well-being, transports nutrients around the body, helps to remove toxins, stimulates digestion and tissue formation, soothes the stomach and other internal organs, and helps prevent a number of health issues. For best results, we recommend drinking two glasses of thermal water a day.

A long spa tradition

Where the Grand Hotel Toplice stands today, two hot springs with healing properties were discovered in 1818. Just four years later, Bled’s first spa opened. In 1854, Louisenbad (Louise’s Spa) was built here – the predecessor of today’s Grand Hotel Toplice. In 1932, a swimming pool in the style of an ancient Roman spa was built in the Grand Hotel Toplice, featuring 30 cabins for up to 90 swimmers. It was filled with thermal water from the spring beneath the hotel. The swimming pool was usually reserved for hotel guests in winter but would open to the general public in summer. The original thermal water spring and elegant Roman-style pool have been preserved in the Luisa Spa.

Opening hours
Wellness Every day 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Swimming pool and saunas Every day 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

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