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Sights in the Bled area

Visit the breathtaking Bled!

People have always believed that the fairytale nature, mild Alpine climate and harmonious energy of Bled have an almost miraculous healing power. Romantic walks or a horse-drawn carriage ride around the lake, a ride in the traditional “pletnja” boat to Bled Island, a visit to the magnificent castle ruling the rock cliff above the lake and, last but not least, enjoying the creamiest and most famous Bled dessert, the original Bled cream cake – Bled is a superlative holiday destination! Be it swimming in the lake, hiking, cycling and golfing in the summer or skiing on the nearby slopes and soaking in the thermal water pools while enjoying the enchanting views – Bled will captivate you in every season!

Daytrips in Bled and the surrounding area

  • The lake with the island
    The image of the lake with the island is one of the most typical of Slovenia. The island was once a temple to Živa, the goddess of love. Today, it is the home of the romantic small church of St. Mary Help of Christians with a famous wishing bell dating back to 1943. The island is accessible by traditional “pletnja” boats and rowing boats. Photo: Mirko Kunšič (
  • Bled Castle
    A steep cliff overhanging Lake Bled is the home of the oldest castle in Slovenia, offering a spectacular view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Throughout the year, the castle courtyard hosts numerous events and visitors can take a tour of the castle printing works and the herbal gallery. Foto: Matej Vranič (Bled LTO)
  • The Straža hill
    Straža Hill on the south-east side of the lake is an exceptional vantage point. The Bled fitness trail runs through meadows and the forest (outdoor gym). A lift can take you to the top of Straža Hill, allowing skiers and snowboarders to enjoy the rides down the small but well-tended ski slope.
  • Ojstrica
    Ojstrica is known especially for its magnificent view of Lake Bled and the Sava plain. The most beautiful panoramic photos of Bled are taken here.
  • The Bled Vintgar gorge
    The Vintgar gorge is one of the most famous natural sights near Bled. A 1.6 km footpath leads along the green Radovna River, past its pools, waterfalls and rapids all the way to a 15 m high waterfall. The walk is particularly enjoyable in the hot summer months. Photo: Bled LTO
  • Triglav National Park
    Named after the highest peak in Slovenia, Triglav, the Triglav National Park stretches across almost the entire Julian Alps. It is an indisputable treasure trove of natural sights: a diverse pristine landscape with mountain peaks, gorges, mountain villages, water sources and rich vegetation.
  • A hot air balloon ride
    In a panoramic ride in a hot air balloon operated by a licensed and experienced pilot, you will cruise over Lake Bled and enjoy an aerial view of the island and the surrounding peaks. Reservations can only be made at one of the hotel receptions.
  • Romantic picnic on Lake Bled
    Take a row boat out on Lake Bled and enjoy a private picnic in the middle of this beautiful lake in the heart of a pristine natural environment. You can also row to the nearby island and enjoy some breath-taking views. Row boats can be rented in the boat house of the Grand Hotel Toplice. If you decide on the romantic package, the boat rental comes with a picnic basket full of delicious foods.
  • Zipline Dolinka
    Experienced guides will take you to an adrenaline-filled 2–3 hours long trip along the Sava Dolinka river valley, where you will learn about the natural phenomena of this protected natural monument with incredible value, which is also part of Natura 2000. You will cross the valley above the river via 5 ziplines with a total length of 2.4 km. 
  • Educational apiary Kral’ s beehouse
    At the beginning of the Selo village, above the Mulej farm, you can find Kral’s beehouse, an educational apiary with around 50 beehives. In this apiary, with hand-painted panels, queen bees and bee families are reared. The beekeepers will present the life cycle of the Carniolan honey bee, the work at the apiary and the production of honey. 
  • Biking trip: Radovna vally
    This easy cycling route runs through the idyllic Alpine valley of the Radovna River, from the Krnica village to the museum in the Pocar homestead, one of the oldest preserved in the Triglav National Park. We suggest that you stop on the way to see the 500-year-old Gogal linden tree and Napoleon’s stone from the time of the Illyrian provinces, visit the karst source at Lipnik, and jump into the Kreda lake.
  • A ride in a “pletnja” boat
    There is a rule in Bled: if you have not taken a ride in a “pletnja” boat, you have not visited Bled for real. The “pletnja” is a traditional wooden boat built by locals. It is unique to Bled. Take a seat for a ride to the island and sightseeing from the lake surface.
  • Fiacre coaches
    A fiacre, the traditional Bled horse-drawn carriage, is another custom that has been conveyed from one generation to the next. The carriage drivers are distinguished by traditional livery. They will take you for a ride around the lake or sightseeing in the surrounding area.
  • The land of folk tales
    For fairytale fans we recommend a visit to Fairytale Land, where folk narrative is spread through fairytales. This is the home of fairies, the Heathen Maiden, the Goldhorn poachers, the Tree Gnome, the Wild Woman from Babji zob and the Water Man. By telling folk tales, the characters create an unforgettable experience for children.

Events in Bled and the Surrounding Area

  • Valentine’s in Julijana
    Dates: Friday, 10th February, Saturday, 11thFebruary, Tuesday, 14th February 2023; from 6 pm 

    Surprise your favourite gourmand and experience the most romantic Valentine’s Day at one of the world’s most beautiful lakes. Visit the Julijana Restaurant – under the creative direction of renowned chef Simon Bertoncelj, it has been awarded the prestigious Michelin Plate titles for 2020 and 2021, as well as Recommended by Michelin for 2022. For special moments with your other half, we have put together a carefully selected His and Hers menu as an unforgettable culinary highlight for you to enjoy along with breathtaking views from the restaurant.

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    Reservations in advance are required.

Original Bled cream cake

The original Bled cream cake is the most recognisable feature of Bled. Even though it is over 60 years of age, it still boasts a tempting youthful taste, forever fresh and crisp. Since 1953, the confectionery of the Hotel Park has been diligently recording the layers of buttery puff pastry used to make these mouth-watering cream cakes. More than 15 million original Bled cream cakes were made in over 60 years. For these, they used about 380,000 litres of cream, more than 863,000 litres of milk, over 6,759,130 eggs, more than 112 tonnes of flour, over 300 tonnes of sugar and more than 78 tonnes of vanilla sugar. The authentic original Bled cream cake made according to the original recipe is only served at the Park Café and in the hotels and restaurants of the Sava Hotels Bled.

Childhood memories of Bled

All of us who were lucky enough to have visited Bled as children share some images that have become an indelible part of our memory: the first steps when exploring the lake shore, the first ride in a pletnja boat, the first feeding of the swans, the first cream cake, the first blissful smile with powdered sugar around the lips ... and mother's eyes full of emotion. Wonderful memories that every parent wishes for his or her child. Bled is an ideal destination for a one-day family trip or a longer vacation with babies, toddlers, school-aged children and teenagers. The climate is mild, it is never too hot and a shade and a cool place are always close by, and there is enough fun for all family members, whatever their taste. Bring your family to Bled for a day! Photo: Jošt Gantar (

Active vacation at the Sava Hoteli Bled

Exquisite nature, energy harmony of Bled and the alpine air are ideal for outdoor activities. Seek advice at the receptions of Sava Hotels Bled, where you can book a number of recreational and sports activities: you can take an organised group trip through the Julian Alps, a trip to Radovljica, ascend the Iglica waterfall, go rock climbing to Bohinjska Bela, cycling in the Radovna Valley or take a panoramic airplane flight. There is no end to the possibilities for actively spending free time at Bled! Photo: Jošt Gantar (

Legends of Bled

Bled has always been a fairy-tale place, as a wealth of ancient legends testifies. The best known is without doubt the legend of the sunken bell and the origin of the wishing bell. Also interesting is the legend of fairies visiting Lake Bled. The beauties of Bled are described in the poem The Baptism on the Savica written by the greatest Slovenian poet France Prešeren, saying that there is no place more beautiful in Slovenia than Bled, a “paradise serene”. The tourism boom at Bled was significantly boosted by the healer Arnold Rikli. The powerful tradition at Bled is also testified to by the pletnja boat rowers and the fiacre coaches. Photo: Rozle Bregar (LTO Bled)

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