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Current activities

Special offers during your stay

  • Pampering for two at Wellness Živa
    15.9. - 15.12.2022 
  • Autumn pampering at Spa Park
    15.9. - 15.12.2022 
    Anti-stress massage (70 min), use of saunas and pool up to 3 hours
    64 €
  • Autumn spa hours at Wellness Živa
    15.9. - 15.12.2022 
    Classic massage with grape seed oil  (50 min), use of saunas and pools up to 3 hours 
    62 €
  • Rikli’s Day Ritual at the Živa Wellness Centre
    Rikli’s Day Ritual is a programme for complete relaxation and regeneration of body and mind, modelled after Rikli’s best methods of natural healing. It includes unlimited access to saunas with pools, towels, sheets, tea and water, a selected herbal peeling in the sauna, a healthy meal in the hotel aperitif bar, a spruce tip massage (50 min) based on the essential oils that release from the special spruce tip bundles at high temperatures (tapping the warm spruce tip bundles on the body has a beneficial and relaxing effect), a healthy drink in the relaxation room and a surprise gift.
    90 EUR
Please enquire at the hotel reception for more information on special offers during your stay.
* All other discounts are mutually exclusive

Activities and events in the resort

  • Advice for a trip
    Are you curious, active or a nature lover?An artist or an explorer? An adventurer or an adrenalin enthusiast? In every case, we have some advice to make your stay nice! There are many things to do besides taking the obligatory walk around the lake and enjoying the delicious Bled cream cake. (Photo: Iztok Medja,
    Check the top experiences near Beld!
  • Animation with Zaki during the Immaculate Conception Day

    In Bled, we will spend the Holidays in the company of Zaki the Swan. He is preparing a fun family party, a pancake party with Pippi Longstocking, exercises from head to toe and a romantic family hike.

  • New Year activities in Bled

    In Bled, we will spend the New Year with Zaki the Swan. Every morning he will prepare a wake-up call with fun games and activities. In the afternoon hours, we will hear the legend of the sunken bell, get to know Slovenia, create and play. Evenings are reserved for a disco party, karaoke night, pancake party and more...

Events in Bled and the Surrounding Area

  • 16th Gourmet Evening at the Grand Hotel Toplice
    Grand Hotel Toplice 
    8 December at 19.00 
    The Grand Hotel Toplice will host Slovenia’s largest wine cellars – Klet Brda and Puklavec Family Wines. In addition to chief oenologists Darinko Ribolica (Klet Brda) and Iztok Klenar (Puklavec Family Wines) going head to head, the last Gourmet Evening of the year will also be attended by the directors of both wine cellars, Silvan Peršolja and Gorazd Bedenčič. Top chef Simon Bertoncelj will be in charge of food.

    BOOKING: +386 41 856 632 or Menu price with wine: EUR 80. Limited places available.

  • Winter fairy-tale 2022/23
    2.12.2022 - 2.1.2023 
    Lake Promenade 
    You are cordially invited to the Lake Promenade. Strolling around the festive stands, you can try some typical Gorenjska dishes and choose  unique and original holiday gifts. Don't forget to view the life-size nativity scene, the largest natural Christmas tree, the big holiday chair and the wheel of love. 

    Photo: Matej Vranič,

  • Switching on the Christmas lights
    Bled promenade 
    2. 12. 2022 at 17:00 
    Join us on the festive promenade for the switching on of the Christmas lights.
    (Photo: Matej Vranič,
  • Advent market on the Bled promenade
    2.12. - 4.12.2022 
    A cottage industry and handicrafts fair, featuring unique and original gifts made by Slovenian artisans. There will also be an exhibition of Advent wreaths.
    (Photo: Matej Vranič,
  • Torch-lit walk
    3. 12. 2022, 10. 12. 2022 
    A guided torch-lit walk by the lake. The meeting point is in front of the Rikli Balance Hotel at 21:00.
    (Photo: Miro Zalokar,
  • Winter fairytales music programme
    Lake Promenade 
    3 December at 7 p.m.: Concert: Showmix band – Abba Show 
    4 December at 2 p.m.: Concert: Bled Jazz Selection and Iva Stanič
    9 December at 6.30 p.m.: Performance: KUD Bled folklore group, 7 p.m.: Concert: Orlek
    10 December at 7 p.m.: Concert: Sergej Škofljanec and Razvaline
    11 December at 2 p.m.: Concert: Hišni ansambel Avsenik
    16 December at 6.30 p.m.: Concert: KUD Zasip – Canticum Novum, 7 p.m.: Concert: Mrfy
    17 December at 7 p.m.: Concert: Tribute to Joe Cocker
    18 December at 2 p.m.: Concert: Svizci and Dejan Zupan
    23 December at 6.30 p.m.: Dance performance by Bled Cowgirls, 7 p.m.: Concert: Fed Horses
    1 January at 2 p.m.: Concert: Prifarski muzikanti
    6 January at 7 p.m.: Concert: Gala dance orchestra
    7 January at 7 p.m.: Concert: Batista Cadillac
    8 January at 2 p.m.: Concert: Ansambel Gašperji
    Foto: Jošt Gantar, LTO Bled
  • A visit from St. Nicholas
    Lake Promenade 
    6 December at 3 p.m. 
    A visit from St. Nicholas and his companions, and a children’s entertainment programme
    Foto: ©Zavod za kulturo Bled
  • Potica Days on Bled Island
    9.12. - 11.12.2022 
    Bled Island 
    9:00 – 15:30 
    Don’t miss the Potica Days on Bled Island, where you can see demonstrations of potica baking in the Potičnica café.
  • Torch-lit walk
    24. 12. 2022, 6.1.2023 
    A guided torch-lit walk by the lake. The meeting point is in front of the Park Café at 17:00.
  • A visit from Santa
    Lake Promenade 
    24.12. at 3 p.m. 
    A visit from Santa and his companions and a children’s entertainment programme
    At 7 p.m.: Concert: Sam’s Fever – Elvis Presley Cover Band
  • Dance with the castle lord
    Bled Castle 
    25. 12. 2022 at 11:00 
    Visit Bled Castle and discover Medieval dancing in the company of the castle lord, Gašper Lambergar, and other members of the Medieval castle ensemble. 
  • The legend of the sunken bell
    Bled castle bathing site 
    25. 12. 2022 at 18:00 
    Join us for a performance of the old legend of the sunken bell, Bled’s most famous legend about the creation of the wishing bell on the island. 
  • Friendship Trail in Bled
    Lake promenade 
    4.30 p.m.: Concert: Godba Gorje
    6.30 p.m.: Performance: Čupakabra
    7 p.m.: Concert: Panda
    (Foto: Jošt Gantar,
  • New Year’s Eve Celebration
    Lake Promenade 
    3 p.m.: New Year’s Eve celebration for children: Mali Bu musical entertainment for children and visit by Grandpa Frost
    7 p.m.: Concert: HELP! A Beatles Tribute
    9.30 p.m.: Concert: Dejan Dogaja
    Midnight: Laser show

Daytrips in Bled and the surrounding area

  • The lake with the island
    The image of the lake with the island is one of the most typical of Slovenia. The island was once a temple to Živa, the goddess of love. Today, it is the home of the romantic small church of St. Mary Help of Christians with a famous wishing bell dating back to 1943. The island is accessible by traditional “pletnja” boats and rowing boats. 
  • A ride in a “pletnja” boat
    There is a rule in Bled: if you have not taken a ride in a “pletnja” boat, you have not visited Bled for real. The “pletnja” is a traditional wooden boat built by locals. It is unique to Bled. Take a seat for a ride to the island and sightseeing from the lake surface.
  • Romantic picnic on Lake Bled
    Take a row boat out on Lake Bled and enjoy a private picnic in the middle of this beautiful lake in the heart of a pristine natural environment. You can also row to the nearby island and enjoy some breath-taking views. Row boats can be rented in the boat house of the Grand Hotel Toplice. If you decide on the romantic package, the boat rental comes with a picnic basket full of delicious foods.
  • Bled Castle
    A steep cliff overhanging Lake Bled is the home of the oldest castle in Slovenia, offering a spectacular view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Throughout the year, the castle courtyard hosts numerous events and visitors can take a tour of the castle printing works and the herbal gallery. 
  • Ojstrica
    Ojstrica is known especially for its magnificent view of Lake Bled and the Sava plain. The most beautiful panoramic photos of Bled are taken here.
  • Biking trip: Radovna vally
    This easy cycling route runs through the idyllic Alpine valley of the Radovna River, from the Krnica village to the museum in the Pocar homestead, one of the oldest preserved in the Triglav National Park. We suggest that you stop on the way to see the 500-year-old Gogal linden tree and Napoleon’s stone from the time of the Illyrian provinces, visit the karst source at Lipnik, and jump into the Kreda lake.
  • Triglav National Park
    Named after the highest peak in Slovenia, Triglav, the Triglav National Park stretches across almost the entire Julian Alps. It is an indisputable treasure trove of natural sights: a diverse pristine landscape with mountain peaks, gorges, mountain villages, water sources and rich vegetation. Photo: Aleš Zdešar,
  • The Straža hill
    Straža Hill on the south-east side of the lake is an exceptional vantage point. The Bled fitness trail runs through meadows and the forest (outdoor gym). A lift can take you to the top of Straža Hill, allowing skiers and snowboarders to enjoy the rides down the small but well-tended ski slope.
  • Fiacre coaches
    A fiacre, the traditional Bled horse-drawn carriage, is another custom that has been conveyed from one generation to the next. The carriage drivers are distinguished by traditional livery. They will take you for a ride around the lake or sightseeing in the surrounding area.
  • The Bled Vintgar gorge
    The Vintgar gorge is one of the most famous natural sights near Bled. A 1.6 km footpath leads along the green Radovna River, past its pools, waterfalls and rapids all the way to a 15 m high waterfall. The walk is particularly enjoyable in the hot summer months. Photo: Bled LTO

"Rikli’s Guided Exercise"

Individual guided exercises according to Rikli

Swiss healer Arnold Rikli was the first to recognise the healing benefits of Bled, building the first natural healing resort here in mid-19th century. The Rikli Balance Hotel is carrying on his tradition in the desire to offer our guests the perfect environment for relaxing and beating stress.
Photo: Turizem Bled

  • Individual Guided Exercises for Individuals, Couples or Families
    Our trainer, Barbara, has prepared special programmes for individuals, couples or families who would like additional exercises, which can be booked at a surcharge. Every hour of movement in the fresh air under her watchful eye ends with a relaxing treatment, and for anyone under higher levels of stress, we suggest you try her unique relaxing treatment with tuning forks. Sound therapy will help to deeply relax and balance your body, mind and soul. 

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