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Local Pomurje dishes

The flavours of Prekmurje
Prekmurje cuisine is simple but full of flavour and made using ingredients provided by the local environment. Typical ingredients include buckwheat, pumpkin seed oil and minced lard, while poppy seeds are often used in desserts.
“Tünka” meat
The wooden container traditionally used to preserve meat is known as a “tünka”. It is filled with minced lard in which the meat is preserved. “Tünka” meat with minced lard makes for an excellent combination with vegetables and homemade bread.
Toasted bread with minced lard
In Prekmurje, minced lard is also known as “zobel”. It is very popular with bread toasted over the fire – traditionally over the embers of an open fire, but in modern times, the stove works just as well. The toasted bread is rubbed with garlic, covered with minced lard, and seasoned with ground paprika or pepper.
Prekmurje ham
Prekmurje ham is unique to the ethnology of this part of Slovenia. It has been registered under the protected geographical indication scheme, the highest form of protection for traditional foodstuffs. Prekmurje ham is dried pork thigh off the bone. It has a recognisable pear shape. Its characteristic flavour and aroma come from careful salting, smoking, drying, and ageing, which can be performed exclusively in Prekmurje.
Pickled turnip stew
Another traditional Prekmurje dish, pickled turnip stew also contains millet groats. It is best enjoyed with blood sausage or other traditional meats.
“Bograč” stew
“Bograč” is a type of goulash, originating from the Pannonian plain. In Hungarian, its name means “shepherd’s cauldron”. True connoisseurs will tell you that a proper “bograč” should contain at least three types of meat, and should be cooked in a cauldron, just like it used to be made by shepherds on Pannonian meadows. Our chefs make it to a traditional recipe.
This endearing word refers to potato mush or “žganci”. It goes perfectly with goulash, or as a main dish seasoned with cream.
In Prekmurje, the word “retaši” is used to describe any type of strudel. They can be sweet (filled with fruit, cottage cheese, poppy seeds) or savoury (filled with cabbage or turnip). Various combinations of these fillings are also popular. Traditionally, they were made with leavened dough (“genjeni retaši”), but today they are more commonly made with filo pastry, like in other parts of Slovenia.

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