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Local Pomurje dishes

The flavours of Prekmurje
Prekmurje cuisine is simple but full of flavour and made using ingredients provided by the local environment. Typical ingredients include buckwheat, pumpkin seed oil and minced lard, while poppy seeds are often used in desserts.
The flavours of Prlekija
Prlekija is famous for the Ormož wine-growing region, but the typical Prlekija dishes are just as good as the wine. The many types of traditional Prlekija flatbread are suitable for any meal of the day.
The queen of desserts
The Prekmurje layer cake is a dessert made up of multiple layers of dough, cottage cheese, apples, poppy seeds and more. The greatest enthusiasts say they could have it for lunch, while the locals in Prekmurje regard it as the best dessert in the world. One thing is certain: you can’t leave Prekmurje without trying it and buying a few slices to go.

The culinary heritage of Pomurje

The Prekmurje layer cake is the region’s most famous dessert, but not the only one by a long way – it is not even the only layer cake! Have you heard of the Prlekija layer cake? How does “dödoli” sound? What does buckwheat bread taste like? Did you know that a salad seasoned with pumpkin seed oil is a veritable treasure trove of vitamins and minerals? In the gallery, you can see typical Pomurje dishes that you will find on the daily menu in our thermal resort.

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