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Thermalium Medico-Wellness Centre

Experience the energy of therapeutic rocks
Our septarian nodules – rocks formed several million years ago – will fill you with energy and stimulate the natural healing process. Relax in the soothing atmosphere of the wellness centre and allow the healing energy to enhance the positive and alleviate pain. You can find the rocks in the Thermalium Medico-Wellness Centre rest spot.
Relax with the aromas of Prekmurje
Captured in the nurturing oils, scrubs and baths is the power of the local herbs that grow in the meadows of Prekmurje. You can even take these beneficial Prekmurje herbs home in the form of the Pannonian Meadow range of cosmetics.
Wrap yourself in black gold
Try one of the wide range of cosmetic products with added thermal water – the Terme 3000 black gold – and enjoy the gentle pampering.

Relaxing the body and soul with a touch of Prekmurje

A full range of products and services for your health and well-being:
Massage with herbs from the Prekmurje meadows
Themed and Ayurvedic massage
Rest spot with septarian nodules
Body and facial care with renowned cosmetics
Hotel saunas
Pain relief massage
Black thermal mineral water bath and aromatic baths
Blackaquatherm, our own range of cosmetics
Classic beauty treatments (manicures, pedicures, hair removal…)


The Thermalium Wellness Centre services

  • Massage therapies for your health
    We specialise in pain relief massage but guests can also choose from a wide range of relaxation and themed massage therapies.
  • Pain relief baths
    Baths have always been known to have a pain relieving and relaxing effect. Here you can treat yourself to an aromatherapy bath in black thermal gold o ...
  • Beauty and medico treatments
    Our services include classic manicures, pedicures and hair removal, as well as facial and décolleté treatments with top cosmetic products. You can als ...
  • Saunas at Terme 3000
    Each hotel has saunas that are open exclusively to hotel guests, who also enjoy free admission to the world of saunas in the Thermal Park.
Opening hours
Monday – Saturday: 7.00 a.m.-5.00 p.m

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