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The Termal water park

The Termal water park

The Termal water park was created in cooperation with Mateja Vavtar, intuitive consultant.

“The Termal water park brings together the four basic natural elements in perfect harmony. We have created an environment where people can make the most of these elements to strengthen their health and boost their energy supply. In addition to Moravske Toplice’s main treasure, the thermal mineral water (the element of water), there are four crystals (the element of earth), a Finnish sauna (the element of fire) and a rest area where the soothing frequencies of the four basic colours of light (the element of air) provide total relaxation. Together, the elements create a harmonious world of perfect relaxation, well-being, comfort and health.”

Four elements for your well-being

Thermal mineral water from the depths of the Earth

Find pleasant relaxation in the thermal mineral water pools and enjoy the gentle energy of the water springs.

The beneficial thermal mineral water of Moravske Toplice has been famous for its extraordinary qualities for over 50 years. The black thermal mineral water has three effective qualities – warmth, a high content of various salt compounds and a high mineral content. Thanks to its chemical composition (sodium chloride hydrogen carbonate water) and thermal properties (72° at the source), it improves blood circulation in the tissues, reduces muscle tension and improves soft tissue elasticity, helping to alleviate pain and improve joint mobility.
The path of crystals and well-being

Feel the powerful energy of the four minerals from the depths of the Earth.

A unique part of nature, rocks, minerals and crystals have a unique way of transferring natural energy. They have long been known to emit waves that can have a beneficial, even healing effect on us.
Finnish sauna

Restore your strength with the velvety heat of the fire.

The traditional Finnish sauna is the hottest of all saunas. The temperature in the sauna ranges from 70 to 100 °C and can be increased further by pouring water on the hot stones. Using the Finnish sauna stimulates blood circulation, detoxifies the body, strengthens the immune system, relieves muscle tension and has a pleasant relaxing effect on the physical and mental level.
The chromotherapy resting area

The frequencies of coloured light create a soothing but energetic harmony.

A method of alternative medicine, chromotherapy uses coloured light to restore the balance on all levels of the human existence. Each colour has a special frequency that can be beneficial for different health issues.

The effects of thermal mineral water

Effective in treating rheumatic conditions
Improves circulation and has a positive effect on chronic inflammatory conditions
Effective in treating some skin conditions
Tones and refreshes the organism
Eases and relieves nervous tension

Crystal treatments

    The crystal of activation

    Quartz balances human energy with the energy of the universe. It cleanses and reduces negative radiation, adds harmony and balances the flow of energy in the room.
    The message: I give strength and energy.

    The crystal of spirituality

    Amethyst awakens your spirituality, improves concentration, memory and reason, and supports inner peace. It stimulates the intuition and gives access to universal wisdom.

    The message: I awaken inner peace.

    The crystal of the heart

    Rose quartz restores love and trust in yourself, helps to forgive and brings tenderness and softness into your heart. It eliminates fear and jealousy. Rose quartz also stimulates the imagination, creativity and intellect.
    The message: I support the process of change.
    The crystal of protection and grounding

    Hematite clears negative energy and protects us from its effects. Also known as a grounding crystal, it helps us to wake up from our thoughts into reality. It has the properties of a mirror, reflecting everything negative and bad.

    PLEASE NOTE: People with a low energy level or depression should remain in its vicinity only briefly, no more than 3 minutes.

    The message: I protect from everything negative.
*Crystal therapy is an alternative treatment and is not a replacement for classic medical treatment.


    The colour of purity

    White activates the centre for happiness and encourages communication and balanced giving and receiving. It helps you to bring your wishes in line with your will to make them easier to realise. It also stimulates the intuition and inner consciousness.
  • RED
    The colour of life and passion

    It grounds you, connecting the soul with the physical being. It stimulates the heart frequency and breathing rate. It is used for anaemia, poor blood circulation, throat diseases, asthma and chronic coughing. Excessive exposure may cause headaches or anger.
    The colour of harmony

    It symbolises youth, freshness and growth. It is the colour of concentration and calm. It lowers the blood pressure, soothes the nervous system, establishes a personal balance, helps to alleviate tiredness and eliminate cysts, eye diseases and diabetes.
  • BLUE
    The colour of relaxation

    It is the colour of maturity, reason, high values and wisdom. It is used to alleviate headaches, stress, cramps and liver diseases. It is also believed to stimulate the secretion of adrenaline and insulin, decrease the heart rate and soothe all types of pain.
* Chromotherapy is the loving nurturing of the body with different colours of light and is not a replacement for classic medical treatment. The effects of colour light were described by Mateja Vavtar.


The spiral dance of balance

In addition to the harmonised action of the four natural elements, the black cube rules over the harmonious intertwinement of energies at the Termal swimming pool complex. We erected it to give thanks to Mother Earth whose gift to us is the unique black thermal mineral water. The cube that carries within it the information on the beneficial energies at the pool complex is programmed in terms of energy by Mateja Vavtar (as the cube and the Path of Crystals and well-being custodian) each week. The cube thus always emits fresh power of harmonised energies of earth and water throughout the space.

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