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Black thermal mineral water

The power of black water from Moravci springs

The black thermal mineral water in the swimming pools of Terme 3000 comes from 5 springs at the depths from 1,175 to 1,467 metres below ground. At its source, the water temperature is 72 °C, which ranks it in the very top of the warmest thermal mineral waters in Slovenia. It is unique on a global scale as it is highly rare for such thermal water to reach such high temperatures at the spring. The water has a cloudy appearance, salty taste and a slight smell of oil and is therefore not suitable for consumption. It contains unstable forms of CO2, and is classified as hypertonic and hyperthermal mineral water in terms of its chemical and physical properties. Based on these properties, the black thermal mineral water from Moravske Toplice was recognised as a natural remedy from its very discovery and is still held in high esteem as being very precious today.

The beneficial effects of unique black thermal mineral water

Tones and refreshes the organism
Improves circulation and has a positive effect on chronic inflammatory conditions
Soothes and promotes skin tanning in the sun
Has an analgesic, pain-relieving effect
Eases and relieves nervous tension
Reinvigorates and refreshes the body

Doctor's advice

"Bathing in black thermal mineral water is recommended while recovering from post-trauma and post-operative conditions of the locomotor system, as well as for rheumatic and certain skin conditions. It is especially effective for joint problems. When used in conjunction with healing mud, peloid, it alleviates pain and improves flexibility, and also reduces joint swelling, while effects are enhanced in combination with physiotherapy. Its beneficial effects are also reflected on skin. Black water nurtures the skin, strengthens the immune system, establishes a suitable balance and stimulates skin regeneration."

Vera Kozak, assistant director of health services for medical matters

Thermalium cosmetics

Rejuvenate and refresh your skin with the Thermalium line of cosmetics. All products are based on the haling, natural black thermal mineral water from Moravske Toplice. A wide range of cosmetic products allows you to feel the warmth from the depths of Moravci springs gently pampering your skin.

The story of young man who wanted to bath in the hot water

Black thermal mineral water was discovered in Moravci completely by accident when they were drilling for oil in the marshy meadows. According to newspaper reports from 1960, it was a great dissappointment when water smelling of oil burst out of the wells instead of black gold. The well was sealed and marked as representing the risk of death. But luck would have it that a year later a young man wanted to bathe in the hot water and therefore released the valve, filling the nearby ditch with the spring water. The news of the local "pool" spread like wildfire and the visitors soon found that the water is everything but harmful. They reported of improved well-being, pain relief and even of diseases being cured. The path towards one of the largest Slovenian health resorts was thus plotted.

Offer of the Thermalium Medico-Wellness Centre

Step into the world of black gold and feel the power of Prekmurje herbs that we have captured in the nurturing oils, scrubs and baths. The rich offer of carefully designed treatments will surely have the product that best suits your well-being. Experience the beneficial effects that black thermal mineral water has on both health and beauty and let it allure you with its endless rich warmth. Relax while enjoying the scents of Prekmurje or feel the energy of therapeutic septarium stones that strengthen the good and alleviate pain.