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Health services at Terme 3000


Why choose the Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice Health Centre?

  • Black thermal mineral water
    A number of studies have been published on the health benefits of thermal water. Our regular guests frequently report on the beneficial pain-relieving ...
  • More than 60-years of tradition
    The history of Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice dates back to the early 1960s when they started drilling for oil on the broad plains of Prekmurje. Instea ...
  • Health and medico services
    We offer a wide variety of natural healing sources and friendly staff who will do anything in their power to make your stay as comfortable as possible ...
  • Wellness
    Breathe in the appealing aroma of herbs from the Prekmurje meadows, forget your worries and cares and discover the benefits of thermal baths with the ...
  • Premium accommodation at no extra charge
    There are no surcharges for above-standard accommodation for patients sent to Terme 3000 for inpatient rehabilitation by the Health Insurance Institut ...

Say farewell to pain and health issues!

At the Terme 3000 Health Centre we treat:
Diseases, post-trauma and post-operative conditions of the locomotor system: knees, hips, spine, shoulders, chronic pain syndromes…
Rheumatic diseases: ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis...
Children’s neurorehabilitation
Degenerative diseases: vertebral and vertebrogenic syndromes, arthrosis, spondyloarthropathy, lower back pain…
Non-infectious skin diseases: psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis

Post-COVID-19 programmes

The post-COVID-19 programmes for recovery and rehabilitation are intended for people who have recovered from an infection with the novel coronavirus. Terme 3000 offers a recovery and rehabilitation package for COVID-19 convalescents to:

- Improve muscle mass in weak muscles,
- Increase joint mobility,
- Clear the respiratory tract and improve lung capacity,
- Reduce muscle and joint pain,
- Release tension in stiff muscles,
- Strengthen the immune system. 

The Terme 3000 post-COVID-19 programme is suitable for people with a healthy cardiovascular system and independence in the activities of daily living.



Longer programme options:
One 10-day programme or two 5-day programmes can be combined into a 14-DAY POST-COVID-19 PROGRAMME.
One 5-day programme + one 10-day programme can be combined into a 21-DAY POST-COVID19 PROGRAMME.


Skin health originates from the depths of the ancient Pannonian Sea 97 EUR
Rehabilitation for rheumatic diseases 131 EUR
Peloid wrap 18 EUR
Unique Livada massage (massage with pumpkin seed oil) 59 EUR

NEW - Extracorporeal shock wave therapy and TECAR therapy

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy brings energy into the body which helps to break down various calcifications, speed up blood circulation, destroy pain receptors and, as a result, speed up metabolism and the formation of pain-relieving substances in body tissue. It is recommended to be used in combination with pain-relieving TECAR therapy. Therapies with the TECAR system are extremely effective and give fast results, thus quickly and effectively improving and restoring quality of life. TECAR energy is a high-frequency current that accelerates the natural regeneration of organic tissue.

Beneficial black thermal mineral water

The black thermal mineral water from Terme 3000 is the warmest thermal water in Slovenia. It stimulates blood circulation and improves the elasticity of soft tissues while simultaneously decreasing muscle tension. This is why bathing in this water soothes pain and improves the flexibility of joints, especially when combined with physical therapy. It is also beneficial for those suffering from psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, has a general positive effect on the entire organism as it helps relax, tone and refresh it. The water also improves blood and lymphatic circulation, strengthens the immune system and alleviates pain. You can experience the beneficial effects of black thermal mineral water in the numerous swimming pools and healing baths. At Hotel Livada, you can enjoy a bath in this "black gold" even in the privacy and comfort of your own room!

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