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Salinera Bioenergy Park

Restore your life force and vitality

Hotel Salinera is embedded in the natural environment of the Strunjan Landscape Park, right next to the timeless salt pans, making it an ideal place to recharge your batteries. By visiting the energy park next to Hotel Salinera, you will restore your body’s sense of inner balance and renew your vital life force. The bioenergy park is located in the nature park under the pine trees, surrounded by Mediterranean greenery and just a few steps from the sea, so you can really feel the fresh sea air.

  • 12 energy points
  • Meditation at the energy points
  • Positive effect on mental and physical well-being
  • Energy points clear your mind and connect you with feelings of gratitude and positivity

Regain your vitality at Salinera Resort Strunjan!

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