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An oasis of relaxation on the bay of rebirth

Indulge in complete relaxation and rejuvenation on the green bay filled with energy points! Treat yourself to one of our therapeutic, relaxation, or care programmes for body and face, or warm up in the world of saunas. And then, to top it all off, take a walk through the bioenergy park and reconnect with yourself.

Wellness services at the Salinera resort

Wellness Syra

Wellness Syra is a centre of relaxation and rejuvenation. Our experts will help you improve your quality of life with therapeutic, relaxation, and care programmes for the body and face.

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Salinera hotel saunas

The world of saunas at Wellness Syra features herbal, infrared, and Finnish saunas, a steam bath, and an Istrian bio sauna. After enjoying your sauna session, you can also cool off in a pleasantly cool Kneipp bath.

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Salinera Bioenergy Park

There are 12 energy points waiting to be discovered in the bioenergy park. These have a positive effect on mental and physical well-being. Walking, meditating, or just sitting in the park will awaken your body, clear your mind, and connect you with feelings of gratitude and positivity.

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Povrnite si vitalno energijo v Salinera resortu Strunjan!

Wellness Syra
Salinera hotel saunas
Salinera Bioenergy Park
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