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Anti-rheumatic programme

from 14000 per program
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The anti-rheumatic programme aims to help anyone who is struggling with the
consequences of different types of rheumatism (articular, extra-articular, or
psoriatic). We have combined the power of nature with the experience and knowledge of our experts, and with the energy of modern equipment. With these services, we positively influence improvements in joint mobility, in the strengthening and stretching of muscles, and in pain-relief. The programme also includes consultations on how to maintain your improved condition by implementing part of the programme at home.

  • minimum stay of 3 days - may be extended to 6 or more
  • peloid mud wrap
  • individual exercises and pain-relieving therapy
Programme description
  • 1 x Doctor's examination
  • 2 x Group exercises in the pool
  • 2 x Individual exercises
  • 2 x Pain-relief therapy
  • 1 x Peloid mud wrap
(min. 3 days) EUR 131.00
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