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Aquapass Sava Hotels & Resorts


One pass for four thermal parks

The Aquapass is a single ticket for one-time admission to any of the 4 water and thermal parks of Sava Hotels & Resorts. You are awaited by water-based fun on 12,000 m2 of outdoor and indoor water areas where you can swim in all seasons. 
The single Aquapass ticket currently applies for water and thermal parks at the following destinations: Sava Hotels Bled, Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice, Terme Ptuj and the Radenci Health Resort. We will shortly add 3 more destinations on the Slovenian coast. 

Sava Hotels & Resorts water parks in numbers

12.200 m2 of indoor and outdoor water surfaces
Thermal water temperatures from 22 to 38 degrees
20 waterslides
7 children’s pools
70 indoor and outdoor pools
4 different healing thermal waters
Waterslide with a 360° loop (among the 8 scariest waterslides in the world according to the Architecture Digest)
Plenty of natural shade

What is included in the Aquapass?

Destination Adult Aquapass Children’s Aquapass
Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice All-day admission to the Terme 3000 pool complex + sauna for 1 person
All-day admission to the Hotel Livada’s swimming pools for 1 person + sauna for 1 person
All-day admission for 1 person to the Terme 3000 pool complex + surprise*
All-day admission to the Hotel Livada’s swimming pools for 1 person + surprise*
Terme Ptuj All-day admission to the Thermal Park with optional sauna + »Primus« cake OR
All-day admission to the Vespasianus pool complex for 1 person
All-day admission + surprise* for 1 person at the Thermal Park or the Vespasianus pool complex
Zdravilišče Radenci All-day admission + 1 admission to the sauna for 1 person All-day admission for 1 person + surprise*
Živa Wellness Centre Bled 3-hour admission for 2 people All-day admission to the Živa Wellness Centre for 1 person + surprise*


Which water parks can you choose from?

  • Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice Thermal Park

    An abundance of aquatic adventures! In the indoor part you will find a fresh, light space; the lower level is intended for lively and active guests ...

    Shaded by trees, the Thermal Park outdoor area is perfect for adrenaline enthusiasts.

  • Hotel Livada’s swimming pools

    Hotel Livada’s pools are open only to the guests of the hotel, which creates a peaceful atmosphere. Choose from an indoor and outdoor thermal pool, ...

  • Terme Ptuj Thermal Park
    Waterslide descent on inflatable rings or a rest in the shade of trees? Revelling in the wave pool or relaxing with a refreshing drink? Water aerobics ...
  • Grand Hotel Primus pools
    The Vespasianus pools are reserved for hotel guests, making them more private than the Thermal Park pools. There are no guided workouts here, so it’s ...
  • Radenci Health Resort thermal swimming pool complex
    Visit the Radenci Health Resort Thermal Park with 10 pools and discover the beneficial power of thermal water. Our guests often spend the whole day at ...
  • Živa Bled Wellness pools
    The largest swimming pool complex at Bled – Živa Wellness encompasses six swimming pools and an indoor waterslide with a view of Lake Bled. Guests at ...

Why buy an Aquapass?

The Aquapass is a single ticket for one-time admission to any of the four swimming pool complexes from Gorenjska to Pomurje:

  • It is not necessary to decide which water park you will use it for when purchasing.
  • It is suitable for a gift or if you decide on a trip.
  • You get benefits if you buy several Aquapasses.
  • A surprise for the children upon Aquapass purchase.
  • Discounted price on presale.

Buy an Aquapass

  • Aquapass, adults: EUR 20
  • Aquapass, children: EUR 10

Points of sale

  • Order by phone: +386 4 206 60 00 / +386 2 512 22
  • Order by e-mail
  • And at the points of sale ...
    • Receptions of Sava Hotels & Resorts

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