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Thermal Pleasures

From 02. 1. 2024 to 30. 12. 2024
152,00 € from 13376 per room per night

Treat yourself to a relaxing break in the thermal spa! At Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice, Terme Ptuj and Zdravilišče Radenci, we have prepared Thermal Pleasures packages. They include half board, bathing in thermal pools, access to saunas and many other benefits. You can choose between different types of accommodation. The hotels offer a choice of larger, double rooms with an extra bed where accommodation for up to 2 children is  already included in the price. Opt for Thermal Pleasures!

  • Accommodation with half board
  • Swimming in thermal pools
  • All-day swimming on the day of departure
  • Access to hotel saunas
  • Stays of up to 2 children included in price (in certain room types at certain accommodation facilities)

Services included in the package may vary slightly between resorts / accommodation types. Please, take a closer look before booking or ask when booking.

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Terme 3000
Hotel Livada Prestige

Prekmurje has that special something that is difficult to describe in words. Something that needs to be seen, heard, touched and tasted. It is that very richness of sensations that guides the Hotel Livada Prestige, Prekmurje’s only five-star hotel. In this elegant hotel with a rel... More

from 22200 per room per night
Terme 3000
Hotel Ajda

The Hotel Ajda is the largest hotel in Terme 3000. It has covered walkways leading to the resort’s wellness and health centres. Guests can swim in the hotel pools or take advantage of the free admission to one of Slovenia’s largest water parks. Take a look at the current prices!More

from 184,00 € 16192 per room per night
Terme 3000
Hotel Termal

Situated at the heart of an area of thermal activity, the Hotel Termal is closely linked to the beneficial black thermal water. Experience the filtered variety in the hotel pool complex or the unfiltered (natural) black variety in the outdoor hotel pool. The Terme 3000 Health Cent... More

from 152,00 € 13376 per room per night
Terme 3000
Prekmurska vas Ajda

Ajda Prekmurje Village is ideal for people with a preference for tradition with a modern touch, who are looking for peace and relaxation. The houses are situated next to the Terme 3000 Thermal Park. Guests can use half-board and full-board services at the neighbouring Hotel Ajda. ... More

from 20900 per room per night
Terme 3000
Apartment Village Prekmurska vas

The Prekmurska vas Apartment Village is made up of a cluster of houses giving the impression of a typical Prekmurje village. Houses in the midst of green plains next to the Terme 3000 Thermal Park give you the option of creating your own schedule.

from 17000 per room per night
Terme Ptuj
Grand Hotel Primus

The Grand Hotel Primus is a haven for people looking to restore their vital energy while surrounded by health, harmony and well-being. These are gifts that shape the quality of life. They all have something in common: they stem from within you. With this in mind, at the Grand Hote... More

from 176,00 € 15488 per room per night
Zdravilišče Radenci
Hotel Radin

The oldest mention of the town of Radenci dates back to 1436, when it was referred to as Radein. Our hotel was named after this early variation. The Hotel Radin is distinguished by a drinking lounge with a spring of natural mineral water. From the hotel, guests have direct access ... More

from 16600 per room per night
Zdravilišče Radenci
Hotel Izvir

The Hotel Izvir is situated next to the resort park with a unique spring of mineral water. There are few places that could boast as many natural mineral water springs as Radenci and the area around it. Over 45 springs have been documented. Archaeologists have found that the local ... More

from 14800 per room per night
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