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Wellness / How to relax after a rainy and cold day?

The rainy and cold time of the year is upon us, and with it come the feelings of tiredness and cold. During winter the body has to keep itself warm so we use more energy and consequently feel worse. Besides the unpleasant feeling of being cold most of the time, the skin becomes drier as it is exposed to changes of temperature and air humidity.

Because of all these factors winter is the best time to visit a sauna: it will warm up your body and with all its beneficial effects improve your mood, strengthen the immune system and stimulate the functioning of the lymphatic system

Why is the sauna good and healthy?

1. It relaxes body and soul: 

Visiting a sauna is one the most healthy and pleasant ways of relaxing. If we visit it regularly, at least once a week, we’ll notice positive effects on the physical and mental wellbeing. The warmth stimulates blood circulation and relaxes muscle tension – which might be the reason why we feel so good in the sauna and why it relaxes so well.

2. It expels toxins from the body and renews the skin: 

When the body is exposed to heat it starts to sweat and thus expels harmful and useless toxins. Sweating is the consequence of a stimulated blood circulation and a very useful and effective body reaction: it cleanses the body through sweat glands and stimulates the renewal of the skin, which becomes very smooth after a sauna session.

How to improve your wellbeing?

The perfect combination is a body massage with hot volcanic stones. 

The “hot stone” massage is the perfect choice when we want to warm up the body and relax our mind. The healing energy of the stones was used for medical and spiritual purposes already 3000 years ago in ancient China, where the hot stones were used to relieve muscle tension.

Connection to nature

Nature offers many ways to alleviate stress, to relax or ease pain. One of them is the use of black volcanic stones, which have the amazing ability to preserve energy.

The hot stone thermotherapy is done by applying hot stones on the body in order to see a physiological response. Hot stones stimulate blood circulation in the body and the functions of all body cells. By increasing blood circulation in the organs we stimulate the detoxifying and cleansing of the body. The hot stone massage can relieve stress and muscle tension already after a few minutes.

The hot stone massage with volcanic stones lasts from 30 to 90 minutes.

The positives effects of the massage:

The massage stimulates the cleansing of the skin and the subcutaneous tissue and relaxes muscles. The hot stones stimulate sweating and thus the detoxification of the body, which in turn regenerates the skin and helps maintain its defensive functions.

The effects on the body and the energetic fields of the body:

-  heart chakra - LUNGS: makes breathing easier.

- sacral chakra - BLADDER/UTERUS: relaxes the muscles of the lower abdomen and helps ease menstruation cramps.

-  navel chakra - STOMACH: reduces bloating and  stimulates digestion.

-  navel chakra – KIDNEY: eases pain and cramps, stimulates the organ’s activity.

-  NERVOUS SYSTEM: has a soothing effect, blood circulation.

Thermoaromatherapy – aromatherapy massage

The first step of the treatment is a scrub of the whole body to remove dead skin cells in the epidermis and prepare the skin for an optimal absorption of the active natural ingredients. The scrub is followed by a massage of the back, lower back, legs and feet. Then we apply an oil with a mix of essential oils over the whole body, to stimulate it to expel water and toxins. Now begins the thermotherapy part: the body is wrapped in a heating blanket and let to rest for 20 minutes. After a short shower the body is massaged with a mix of relaxing oils. After the treatment the skin is firmer and the body’s vitality restored.

We are the ones that have the greatest effect on our wellbeing and stress levels. Because of this we should take some time off for ourselves, especially during the colder and shorter days in winter. Leaving our troubles behind and focusing on ourselves

Every now and then we should pamper ourselves and relax, have a massage or visit the sauna to stimulate our circulation, maybe also rent a private sauna for two.

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