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Gastronomy / Izola, a culinary destination

Izola is a smaller coastal town with a rich fishing history, located between Piran and Koper. The town is a tourist destination explored by numerous tourists; its inhabitants are still very connected to fishing, oil making and producing wine. Tourism dates back to 1820, when thermal water was discovered in this area. Izola is among the leading Mediterranean macro destinations, which - besides Istria - include also the Karst, Vipava and Brda. During the event “Days of Slovenian tourism” it received the first prize in the category of tourist destinations - as part of the project “My country - beautiful and welcoming 2017”.

Two of the best experiences - intertwined with fishing tradition

Izolana, also called “house of the sea”, is located on the ground floor of the Parenzana museum, where you can visit a model collection of ships, fishing boats and ships that sailed in the northern Adriatic sea. You can admire the models and learn how they were made, there’re also old photographs and boat sketches on display. The collection of boat models shows the Istrian tradition of wooden boatbuilding. Since ancient times boatbuilding has been one of the most thriving activities of the maritime industry in Izola. Records show there was a shipyard on Slovenian territory already in 1441.

Fishing for everyone. Adults and children can try fishing and get to know the fauna of the Adriatic sea. There are also three pairs of special glasses that will take visitors into virtual reality with 360videos, showing them how Izola looked in the past and how it looks now.

Izola with a rich gastronomy in Istria

Izola and Kvarner, the areas of Slovene and Croatian Istria, take care of the conservation, protection, promotion and development of maritime heritage of the above mentioned areas and seven tourist destinations. Izola has a great culinary offer in the town itself and also in the Istrian hinterland.

The key events in the coastal town are the Days of local mussels, where we enjoy local mussels from the Adriatic Sea. You can also visit the seasonal local market - Produce from my field - from May till the end of September.

Gastronomy is one of the important products of the destination; the most famous event is the Fishermen’s festival, which transforms Izola in one of the liveliest towns with parties, local handicraft and a rich culinary offer. Wine lovers can enjoy the International festival of orange wines in April and the Olive, Wine and Fish Festival in June. Those who prefer beer can participate in the Blues 'n rock & Beer festival, which takes place in August. The Tomato sauce Festival is also organised in August, when you can taste local tomatoes, also called “pomidori”, and enjoy the delicious aroma of home-made tomato sauces. September brings some extra flavour to the streets with the Basil festival.

Moreover, Izola is happy to host sports, cultural and traditional events: for example, the town hosts the Istrian marathon and the Istrian cycling marathon.

Some suggestions for culinary experience:

  • San Simon restaurant,
  • the bar on San Simon beach,
  • Restaurant Barka,
  • Restaurant Pristan,
  • Restaurant Taverna Mediteran,
  • Mesečeva restaurant.
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