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Zdravilišče Radenci

Curiosities / The rich tradition of Zdravilišče Radenci

It has been 140 years since the first health resort was opened in Radenci – 140 years since we started taking care of the health and well-being of the people who visit Zdravilišče Radenci and who are enthralled by the healing powers of our mineral water, rich in carbon dioxide, which bubbles up from three springs. For the last 140 years, our main concern has been the well-being of our guests, which we have been able to ensure thanks to the heartfelt dedication of our staff and respect for the rich health resort tradition.

140 anni di cordialità alle Terme Radenci

The three legends of the Radenci springs

More than 150 years ago, when the CO2-rich Radenci mineral water still sprung from the deep without human help, it made loud hissing, rumbling and bubbling noises at the source. The strange sounds emanating from the depths of the earth excited people’s imagination, giving rise to three legends.

  1. According to one, the noise that comes from the springs is made by hard-working dwarfs digging tunnels to make way for the healing water.
  2. The hissing and rumbling emanates from a large cauldron below the spring where witches cook dumplings.
  3. The spring is rumbling because thunder and hail are accumulating in it.

A physician with a thirst for “mineral champagne”

The credit for the fame and renown of the CO2-rich Radenci mineral water goes first and foremost to Dr. Karl Henn, physician and balneologist, an expert in healing waters. As a young man travelling through Radenci, he sampled the local mineral water from the spring. In 1865 he returned, determined to drill a borehole at the spring and rediscover the “mineral champagne” from his student years.

He bought the land around the spring and, after four years of hard work, his determination paid off: natural mineral water finally flowed from the wooden oak pipe that he had pushed 17 m deep. It was even clearer and better tasting than the water he first tried as a student 36 years previously.

The healing water boom

Karl Henn devoted himself to spreading the word about the healing power of the CO2-rich Radenci mineral water among doctors and the general public alike. In the first year, he filled and sold 37,000 bottles. He soon found considerable commercial success, winning multiple awards at food and gastronomy fairs in Slovenia and various European capitals. The famous CO2-rich Radenci mineral water was even served to the Pope in the Vatican and the Emperor in the Imperial Court in Vienna.

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Healing mineral baths

Realising that the carbon dioxide-rich mineral water would be perfect for healing baths, Dr. Henn decided to build an indoor pool complex. After Dr. Henn’s death, his son continued the project, and 1882 saw the opening of the first health resort building at Zdravilišče Radenci. It featured 11 bathing booths and 12 guest rooms. They welcomed 79 guests in the first year, but just six years later, the number of visitors was as high as 200.

Today, 140 years after the opening of the first building, Radenci continues to maintain its authentic health resort tradition. The beneficial effects of the CO2-rich Radenci mineral water are enjoyed by over 35,000 visitors a year, who always love to return to the beautiful Radenci plains.
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Drinking treatment

It has been the belief for ages that drinking mineral water that you can take directly from the spring rejuvenates the body and maintains and strengthens health in a unique way. Drink a glass of spring water at least three times a day and take advantage of this invaluable opportunity to detoxify and regenerate, increase your energy levels, improve immunity and ensure a more vital body.

Mineral water from Radenci, rich in CO2:

  • stabilises blood pressure
  • accelerates metabolism
  • neutralises excess gastric acid
  • lowers uric acid
  • promotes water excretion
  • reduces the possibility of the occurrence of kidney stones
  • regulates the balance of minerals in the blood
  • invigorates the body and improves general well-being
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Mineral baths

Ever since the opening of the first health resort swimming pool complex, the mineral baths were considered to be something special. The mineral baths with natural CO2-rich Radenci mineral water are therapeutically extremely effective owing to the effects of CO2 that enters the body while bathing and improves blood circulation in the organs, tissues and cells throughout the body. Bathing in a mineral bath accelerates detoxification and regeneration of the entire organism while simultaneously benefiting health.

Beneficial effects of mineral baths:

  • improve blood circulation
  • regulate blood pressure and lower the heart frequency
  • improve water excretion
  • feature anti-inflammatory action and accelerate the healing of wounds
  • reduce sensitivity to cold and increase hot stimuli
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