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Active recreation / Running on the Slovenian coast – the best trails

The Slovenian coast is known for the amazing opportunities it offers for all kinds of sports activities. Tennis, swimming, running, trekking and many ball games or team sports. And you can practice all these sports not only during the summer, but also in winter, no matter your age or experience level. Running is one of those sports activities that is truly charming on the Slovenian coast. A type of recreation for all those who find running relaxing for their body and mind, and also for complete running beginners. The fresh sea air and the views of the open sea are ideal for running.

Running on the coast for all types of runners – Piran, Izola, Portorož, Žusterna

Along the Slovenian coast you can find various trails for all types of runners - from beginners to those who run marathons. Beginners should be careful when choosing their trails, as some seaside trails are more difficult - with cliffs, altitude differences, rocks and other elements that might cause a fall. To avoid injuries we recommend you use the quieter trails in towns or the marked walking trails along the coastal roads. One of these is the trail from Koper to Izola, which follows the course of and old railway and ends in San Simon bay. It’s a dynamic and lively trail but totally suitable also for beginners.

One of the best known running trails starts in the saltpans of Sečovlje and follows the winding coastline to Lucija. For those who seek a challenging and longer trail we suggest the locals’ favourite circular trail, which will take you from Izola to Žusterna, then around Koper and through Semedela and Žusterna back to Izola. You can also go discovering the trail of  St. Martin’s run. It starts on the beautiful beach of San Simon and takes you around Izola in a complete circle. St. Martin’s run is rich in culture and history and includes an ascent to Belvedere, one of the loveliest viewpoints in Slovenia. The strenuous ascent is rewarded with a magnificent view!

Unforgettable trails and new acquaintances

If you love to run with company and would like to meet new people through running, join the Istrian running meetings! The meetings are great for beginners and experienced runners alike. Together with other runners and experienced running trainers you can prepare for the traditional Istrian marathon, which in 2019 will take place on the 13thand 14th April. The Istrian marathon connects four coastal towns (Koper, Izola, Piran, Ankaran) and is the biggest sports event on the Slovenian coast. In 2019 the event will have an even richer programme with an excellent culinary offer and Anika Horvat’s concert.

For more ideas and inspiration you can use the Endomondo app, where runners post interesting running trails. We would also like to remind you that the Slovenian coast is known for its cold wind bora during winter, so be careful what you wear. During colder days make sure you have dressed appropriately so you won’t be surprised by the cold wind.

If you’re visiting the coast for a longer time, let us invite you to Hoteli Bernardin to relax after your strenuous running ascents. Here you can enjoy beautiful views of the sea, excellent food and a rich selection of wellness services. After a sports-filled day, there’s nothing better than a massage. You can choose among many, for example, therapeutic back massage, antistress back, and shoulders massage sports massage to ease muscle pain, detox massage, feet reflexology massage (the favorite among runners!), lymphatic drainage,... You can also enjoy a deluxe relaxing programme with four hands massage.

The Slovenian coast has ideal conditions for an active or romantic holiday in the fresh sea air. The many sports you can practice here and the beautiful environment make sure your holiday is perfect and your energy recharged. For and active and healthy 2019 with many new sports challenges!

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