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The beauty of Slovenia through the eyes of the foreign media
This is how Slovenians wonder about our country's natural beauty in the popular song by the legendary band, Avsenik, "Slovenia, whence thy beauty?", with the world becoming more and more aware of the charms of our small but magical corner of the world. A small, beautiful, mysterious, sustainable and magical country that has everything – just to name a few of the adjectives foreign journalists have used to describe their experience of Slovenia in the past year. 

The perfect sustainable holiday for hikers and cyclists
The world is changing and so is tourism. People now, more than ever, desire to feel safe and carefree on holiday, so they look to spend as much time as possible in the unspoiled nature that surrounds most of our resorts. There is nothing more beautiful than heading out to discover these surroundings by bike or on foot, and then indulging in a well-deserved and carefree rest in a hotel that offers all the comforts and pampering one needs after a sporting adventure. If you add to this our sustainably-oriented products, with which both we and our guests take care of the preservation of our environment, you get a perfect holiday with Slovenia's largest tourism group. 
Yoga in the most beautiful parts of Slovenia
Yoga is more than just relaxation, it is a way of life. With regular practice of this ancient spiritual technique, we gradually develop harmony of the body, mind and spirit, which significantly contributes to our health. Yoga is for everyone, regardless of your age. Comb through the branches of yoga to find the type that suits your personality the best and that you need the most. We suggest that you visit the reception desk of your Sava Hotels & Resorts destination in the most beautiful parts of Slovenia, and borrow a yoga mat and brochure with exercises prepared by Polona Kolar, the certified yoga instructor, and embark on the path of restoring your inner peace.
Unique experiences in all of the most beautiful places in Slovenia!
With the umbrella brand, Sava Hotels & Resorts, the Sava Turizem d.d. group is the largest Slovenian tourist company, that has been offering its guests many unique products for decades now, including the original Bled cream cake, the CO2-rich mineral water of Radenci, and "the young sea" at the St. Bernardin Resort in Portorož. In 2020, the Sava Hotels & Resorts Group acquired three more resorts on the Slovenian coast, which means that you can now truly find us in all the most beautiful corners of Slovenia, from Prekmurje, to Bled, and to the Slovenian coast!
Social responsibility and sustainable development
At Sava Hotels & Resorts, our top priorities are taking care of our guests’ health and well-being and ensuring their satisfaction so they become regular visitors. At the same time, it is important to us to offer unique, authentic experiences in harmony with the environment and to contribute to positive social and economic development. We have big ideas, and with the help of our employees, we are pursuing them with small but sure steps.
Rewards as responsibility for further operation
The many awards we have received for our products and employees in recent years represent to us a responsibility for the future, and a promise to continue to follow two key guidelines, which are caring for the well-being and health of our guests, and making the guests enthusiastic about our products.

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