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Active recreation / 5 reasons for a walk from Izola to Koper

Walking is one of the healthiest types of movement. An even more ideal choice of activity to activate you body is walking by the sea, as the sea air contains mineral particles which cleanse the respiratory system and has a positive effect our health.

Have you taken a walk along the pedestrian path from Izola to Koper yet?

If you decide to take a walk from Izola to the centre of Koper, the journey will last approximately an hour. The starting point is San Simon resort, where you pass by Hotel Delfin, the marina and the tall chimney, then cross the centre of Izola to reach the public beach Svetilnik. From here you continue along the seaside by the beach for dogs until you reach the old shipyard. Keep close to the sea and proceed on the famous walking path “Rex”, which used to run alongside the former main coastal road. Presently it is a 6,5 km well-tended walking path and closed to traffic. On one side you’ll be caressed by the fresh sea breeze, whereas on the other by pine trees and lush Mediterranean vegetation.

Keep reading to discover the 5 main reasons why it is good to break your routine and take a walk from Izola to Koper.

5 reasons for a walk from Izola to Koper

1. A well-tended and calm walking path

The path is closed for traffic, its left side is assigned to pedestrians and its right side is a cycling path where rollerblades, skateboards and smaller motorcycles are allowed. During the walk you can rest on the large wooden benches and there are also two water fountains to quench your thirst. The walking path is also equipped with public restrooms and showers.

2. The beneficial effects of the sea

It has been proven that the mild Mediterranean climate and the proximity of the sea have an impact on our general well-being and health. The sea air with mineral particles and ions stimulates the respiratory system and our breathing becomes deeper and better. When our body receives more pure oxygen it reinforces the immune system, eases issues such as insomnia, fatigue and depression and improves our concentration. As a result, walks by the sea are very recommended for anyone who suffers from asthma and allergies. The sea air contains particles of sea salt, rich in at least 80 different minerals: carbonates, sulfates, iodine, iron, calcium, potassium, bromine, sodium, magnesium and silicic acid. Therefore, it doesn’t only have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, but also on the skin. The sea air also helps with skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis and various types of eczema. Moreover, looking in the distance and blue color help relax strained eye muscles.

3. Views at every step

With nice weather our gaze across the sea will meet the Italian coastline and the famous caste of Miramare. Trieste reigns on the Italian coast and it is also an idea for a day trip. You will be charmed by the main attractions of the city: the well-known square Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia and the adjacent Audace pier with its 200 m of length. Visitors like to take a seat on the pier in the evenings and watch the sunset. Don’t miss the Gran Canal with the many restaurants and bars on its sides and two majestic churches. And don’t forget the castle of San Giusto on the homonymous hill, which offers great views of the city.

During sunny weather the Slovenian mountains really stand out, especially Triglav, the highest mountain in the country. Triglav has 2864 m and is located in the heart of the Julian Alps. On its top you can find Aljaž’s tower, a cultural monument built in 1895 by Jakob Aljaž, who was the pastor in Dovje at that time. On top of Triglav magnificent views open up, stretching from the Adriatic Sea to the Dolomites and the High Tauern, the Karavanke, The Kamnik–Savinja Alps, Pohorje and almost whole Slovenia.

4. You will learn something new

At your starting point in San Simon resort you can visit the archaeological park. It is a cultural monument of national importance due to its archaeological, historical, artistic, settlement and landscape value. The archaeological remains were found in an area of four hectares and they depict the history of a seaside town of Roman culture. The largest remains are of a residential Roman villa (villae maritimae) with an adjacent building and the largest port at that time: it was a typical Roman port with two piers, which protected the safe haven and ensured a safe mooring even with stronger winds. During the excavation, the researchers found remains of an ancient plumbing system in various locations. A complex of such villas had a residential part, an outbuilding and a port with warehouses. These villas were important in the past as fish, shellfish and olives were harvested here and olive oil, wine and other Mediterranean goods were produced.

5. Destination: Koper, a town of many opportunities

Your walk will finish in Koper, the largest coastal town: its name originates from the Italian “Capo d’Istria”, which literally means “the head of Istria”. Koper is an ancient town with a rich natural, cultural and historical heritage, so you will be inspired by the historical points of interest such as:  the Praetorian Palace, the Regional museum of Koper, the da Ponte fountain, the Loggia gallery, the Muda gate, Carpaccio house, casa Veneziana, the largest Slovenian church - the Cathedral of the Assumption. Nature has much to offer too:  the natural wall and cave on Osp, the Škocjan inlet natural reserve, the Karst edge, Sočerga, Socerb,… The town cherishes its traditions but at the same time, it is modern. The town’s outskirts are adorned by the high terminals and ships of the Port of Koper, an important port as it connects central Europe to the sea. For some entertainment, you can visit the numerous shopping centres such as Planet Koper, Park Center, Supernova and Hipermarket or take a stroll along Čevljarska ulica (Shoemaker’s street), where you can find authentic artisans.

A walk from Izola to Koper or to Strunjan, Portorož and Piran

Izola is ideal for exploring walking paths as you can reach your destination in about an hour no matter which direction you chose. If you go one way, you will arrive in Koper, whereas if you go the other way, you can visit Strunjan, Portorož or Piran.

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