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The Ptuj thermal water

Mild composition with outstanding capability

Ptuj thermal water is mild in its composition, but strong when it comes to invigorating the body. It has a particularly beneficial effect in alleviating problems of the locomotor system. Based on our water's properties, we have developed a number of health and wellness programmes at Terme Ptuj, which focus specifically on alleviating locomotor problems.

  • The beneficial thermal water has a temperature of 56 ⁰C at the source.
  • It helps enhance well-being.
  • Invigorating thermal baths for relaxation and refreshment.

Doctor’s advice

The perfect combination of the best medical staff and top-quality equipment

“Once an illness takes hold, all we want is to get better as soon as possible. That’s why we always look for the best medical staff and premium medical equipment. At the Terme Ptuj Medico-Wellness Centre, you will find both. We specialise in the rehabilitation of post-trauma and post-operative conditions of the locomotor system, especially in the area of sports orthopaedics. With us, you will find something patients cannot expect from other ordinary rehabilitation centres: an amazing ambiance that nurtures the soul and replenishes your energy for overcoming health problems. Our resort guests often mention that they have never been to therapy sessions in such beautifully furnished facilities and that this plays a part in speeding up their recovery process. A speedier recovery is also aided by the beneficial Ptuj thermal water, which is mild in terms of its composition but highly invigorating for the locomotor system.”
Tanja Rauter Pungartnik, dr. med., head of health and wellness at Terme Ptuj

Indulge in thermal delights!

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